282. History of the American Revolution. 283. Blake's Juvenile Companion.

284. Parental Instruction.

285, 286. Bell's Life of Mary Queen of Scots. 287. Mrs. Dana's Young Sailor.

288. Alden's Elizabeth Benton.

289. Hutton's Book of Nature Laid Open.

290. Salkeld's Grecian and Roman Antiquities.

291. Sketches of the Lives of Distinguished Females.
292. Ticknor's Philosophy of Living.

293. Keeping House and Housekeeping.
294. Voyages Round the World.
295. Southey's Life of Nelson.

Seventh Series.

1 vol.

296. Simms's Illustrated Life of Gen. Francis Marion. 12mo.

$1.00. 297. Simms's Illustrated Life of Capt. John Smith. 1 vol. 12mo.

$ 1.00. 1 vol.

298. Cutter's Illustrated Life of Gen. Israel Putnam.


$ 1.00.

299. Incidents in American History, with Illustrations, by J. W. Barber. 1 vol. 12mo. $1.00. 300. Lives of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence, Illustrated. 1 vol. 12mo. $ 1.00.

301. Holley's Illustrated Life of Benj. Franklin. 1 vol. 302. Cutter's Illustrated Life of Gen. La Fayette. 1 vol. 303. Symms's Illustrated Life of Gen. Nathaniel Green. 12mo.

$1.00. $1.00.

304. Plymouth and the Pilgrims, by Rev. J. Banvard. 305. Stories to Teach me to Think.

50 cents.

306. The American's Sojourn in the Celestial Empire, by O. Tiffany, Jr.. $ 1.00.


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1 vo.

$ 1.00.

50 cents.

307. Worcester's Universal History.

308. Thirty Years from Home, by Samuel Leech. 50 cents. 309. How to be a Lady, by Harvey Newcomb. 50 cents. 310. How to be a Man, by Harvey Newcomb. 311. Combe on the Constitution of Man, by Geo. Combe. 75

50 cents.


312. Horace Mann's Lectures on Education.

12mo. 75 cents. 313. Beecher's Lectures to Young Men, by H. W. Beecher.



314, 315. Macaulay's History of England. 2 vols. 316-321. Gibbon's History of Rome. 6 vols. 322-327. Hume's History of England. 6 vols. 12mo. 328. Lamartine's History of the French Revolution.

63 cents.

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$1.00. $3.00. $3.00. 1 vol.


329. Cobbett's Advice to Young Men. 50 cents. 330. Cobbett's American Gardener. 50 cents.


Sanctioned by the Massachusetts Board of Education. 12mo Series. Comprising 26 volumes, neatly Half Bound. Price 75 cents per volume.

Juvenile Series. Comprising 12 volumes, neatly Half Bound. Price 37 cents per volume.

12mo Series.

1. Irving's Life of Columbus.
2, 3. Paley's Natural Theology.
4-6. Lives of Eminent Americans.

7-10. Duncan's Sacred Philosophy of the Seasons.

11, 12. Bigelow on the Useful Arts.

13. Story's Exposition of the Constitution of the United States.

14, 15. Pursuit of Knowledge under Difficulties.

16. Buel's Farmer's Companion.

17. Lieber's Great Events.

18. Saussure's Fireside Friend.

19. Everett's Practical Education.

20. Olmstead's Letters on Astronomy.

21. Potter's Science applied to the Domestic Arts.

22-25. Muller's History of the World.

26. Miss C. E. Beecher's Treatise on Domestic Economy.

Juvenile Series.

1. Mrs. E. C. Embury's Pictures of Early Life.

2. Jane Taylor's Pleasures of Taste, and other Stories.


3. Miss C. M. Sedgwick's Means and Ends.

4. Dr. Aiken's and Mrs. Barbauld's Juvenile Budget Opened.

5. Miss M. E. Lee's Historic Tales for Youth.

6. Mrs. Barbauld's Things by their Right Names.

7. Scenes in Nature.

8. Dr. Aikin's and Mrs. Barbauld's Juvenile Budget Reopened. 9. Mrs. E. F. Ellet's Rambles about the Country.

10. Berquin's Child's Friend.

11. Lives of Columbus and Vespucius.

12. Lives of Balboa, Cortez, and Pizarro.

A PILGRIMAGE TO EGYPT; embracing a Diary of Explorations on the Nile, with Observations, illustrative of the Manners, Customs, and Institutions of the People, and of the Present Condition of the Antiquities and Ruins. By J. V. C. Smith, M. D., Editor of the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal. With numerous Elegant Engravings. Third Edition. $1.25.

CHAMBERS'S MISCELLANY OF USEFUL AND ENTERTAINING KNOWLEDGE. Edited by William Chambers. With Elegant Illustrative Engravings. 10 volumes. 16mo., cloth. $7.00. This work has been highly recommended by distinguished individuals, as admirably adapted to Family, Sabbath, and District School Libraries.

ROMANCE OF AMERICAN HISTORY; or, An Account of the Early Settlement of North Carolina and Virginia, embracing a Narrative of the tragic Incidents connected with the Spanish Settlement at St. Augustine, the French Colonies at Roanoke, and the English Plantation at Jamestown; the Captivity of Captain John Smith, and the interesting Adventures of the youthful Pocahontas. Being the third volume of Banvard's Series of American Histories. With numerous Illustrations. 60 cents. CLINTON. A BOOK FOR BOYS. By William Simonds, author of 'Boy's Own Guide," Friendly Words," &c. With numerous Fine Illustrations. 16mo, cloth. 63 cents. CHAMBERS'S REPOSITORY OF INSTRUCTIVE AND AMUSING PAPERS. With Illustrations. An entirely New Series, and containing Original Articles. 16mo, cloth. Per volume, 50 cents.


99 66

Music Books for Schools.

Songs for the Million, by Asa Fitz,
The American School Song Book, do.
The Primary School Song Book, do.


Song Book of the School Room, by Mason and Webb,
The Primary School Song Book,
The Normal School Song Book, by Johnson and Osgood,
The Wreath of School Songs, by White and Gould,
The New Carmina Sacra for Singing Classes,
The Chorus Glee Book, by I. B. Woodbury.

The Melodeon and Seraphine Instructor, by I. B. Woodbury.
The Haydn Collection, by Baker & Southard, .
Nason's Vocal Class Book. New Edition.
Woodbury's Youths' Song Book,
The Boston Academy's Collection of Church Music, by
Lowell Mason,

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Singing School Companion, by Joseph and Horace Bird,
The National Lyre, compiled and arranged by S. Parkman
Tuckerman, Silas A. Bancroft, and H. K. Oliver,
The Bay State Collection of Church Music, by A. N. John-
son, Josiah Osgood, and Sumner Hill,

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The Choir Chorus Book, by A. N. Johnson,
The Boston Chorus Book, by Lowell Mason and G. J. Webb, .62
The Odeon, by G. J. Webb and Lowell Mason,


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The Vocalist, by L. Mason and G. J. Webb,
The Gentlemen's Glee Book, by Lowell Mason,
The Social Glee Book, by Wm. Mason and Silas A. Ban-


The Boston Glee Book, by L. Mason and G. J. Webb,
The Boston School Song Book, by Lowell Mason,
The School Chimes, by B. F. Baker and L. H. Southard,
Juvenile Orations, by C. Johnson,
Boston Melodeon, Vol. 1, by E. L. White,
Vol. 2, by E. L. White,
Vol. 3, by E. L. White,







Modern Harp, by E. L. White and J. E. Gould,
Tyrolian Lyre, by
Elementary Music Book, by B. F. Baker,
A Progressive and Complete Method for the Piano Forte,
by Henry Bertini.
Sabbath School Lute,
May Festival,

1 vol. 4to.

Sacred Chorus Book, by E. L. White and J. E. Gould,
Jenny Lind Glee Book, by David Paine,

Romberg Collection, by Emerson and Dewey,.





















General and Modern Atlases.

COLTON'S AMERICAN ATLAS, Illustrating the Physical and Political Geography of the United States of America, the British Provinces, Mexico, Central America, the West Indies, and South America; constructed from official surveys and other authentic materials.

The "American Atlas" contains separate Maps of every State and country of North and South America and the West Indies, engraved in the most elaborate style, and colored so as to distinguish readily the civil and political divisions of each. The work embraces about fifty maps in imperial folio, and each map is accompanied with a letterpress description of the country it may represent; exhibiting, in a condensed form, all its great interests, industries, and institutions. (In progress.)

COLTON'S ATLAS OF THE WORLD, Illustrating Physical and Political Geography; constructed from official surveys and other authentic materials.

The "Atlas of the World" contains all the Maps and letter-press comprised in the American Atlas, with the addition of between thirty and forty maps and descriptions of the several countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceanica, and, in every respect, is got up in the same splendid style, and with the same regard to authenticity and correct(In progress.)


The maps contained in the above elaborate works have been drawn

[blocks in formation]

under the superintendence of an accurate and accomplished geographer, and contain, besides the usual geographical outlines, true representations of all works of internal improvement, the lines of public surveys, and a great mass of other valuable information.

MITCHELL'S UNIVERSAL ATLAS. (New Edition.) Containing 120 Maps, Plans, and Sections, of the various Empires, Kingdoms, States, and Republics, of the World, corrected up to the present time. This is the most complete Atlas ever published in the country, and it is invaluable as a book of reference for Families and Private Libraries. $12.00. APPLETON'S COMPLETE ATLAS OF THE WORLD, with an Introduction to Physical and Historical Geography and Alphabetical Index to Latitudes and Longitudes of 72,000 Places. 61 elegantly engraved and colored Maps, with comparative Scales, and more than 100 Pages of Letter-press. Quarto. Half Turkey Morocco Gilt. $9.00. APPLETON'S MODERN ATLAS OF THE EARTH. 34 Maps, with an Alphabetical Index. $3.50. LOWRY'S UNIVERSAL ATLAS, containing 100 Maps from the latest Authorities, with an Index. $ 6.00. MORSE'S NORTH AMERICAN ATLAS. New Edition. A large Quarto, containing Maps of the Canadas, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick, each of the United States, Mexico, and the West Indies. $2.75. BLACK'S GENERAL ATLAS OF THE WORLD; containing 78 Maps engraved on Steel, embracing all the latest Discoveries, with several pages of valuable Statistics, and a copious Index. New Edition. Quarto. Half Morocco, Gilt. $ 12.00. JOHNSTON'S GENERAL SCHOOL ATLAS; containing 22 Maps and Index. Royal 8vo. Half Morocco. $ 3.50. FINDLAY'S MODERN ATLAS; forming a complete Compendium of Geography, comprised in 30 Maps, with a copious Index. 8vo. Half Morocco. $3.25. A GENERAL ATLAS; published under the Superintendence of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge. Compiled from the latest and most authentic sources; containing, besides Maps of each separate Country, Plans of all the Principal Cities in the World. Folio. Half Russia. $40.00. JOHNSTON'S NATIONAL ATLAS OF HISTORICAL, COMMERCIAL, AND POLITICAL GEOGRAPHY. Folio. Half Turkey. With Index. $25.00. JOHNSTON'S PHYSICAL ATLAS; containing a Series of Maps and Illustrations of the Geographical Distribution of Natural Phenomena, embracing 1st, Geology, 2d, Hydrography, 3d, Meteorology, 4th, Natural History. Folio. Half Turkey, Gilt.

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$40.00. JOHNSTON'S PHYSICAL ATLAS (an American Reprint of the above) of Natural Phenomena, for the use of Colleges, Acade


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