Selections from "Roderick Random, "Peregrine Pickle," "Count Fathom," and "Humphry Clinker."

Street and Smith, 1902 - 194 pagina's
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Pagina 192 - ... and to this day, a Scotch woman, in the situation of the young lady in the Tempest, would express herself nearly in the same terms - Don't provoke him; for being gentle, that is, high-spirited, he won't tamely bear an insult.
Pagina 141 - Bath; contrived without judgment, executed without solidity, and stuck together, with so little regard to plan and propriety that the different lines of the new rows and buildings interfere with, and intersect one another in every different angle of conjunction. They look like the wreck of streets and squares disjointed by an earthquake...
Pagina 138 - Bath, especially the upper side of it ; but the avenues to it are mean, dirty, dangerous and indirect. Its communication with the baths is through the yard of an inn...
Pagina 180 - Hark ye, Clinker, you are a most notorious offender. You stand convicted of sickness, hunger, wretchedness, and want. But, as it does not belong to me to punish criminals, I will only take upon me the task of giving you a word of advice— Get a shirt with all convenient despatch, that your nakedness may not henceforward give offence to travelling gentlewomen, especially maidens in years.
Pagina 140 - The same artist who planned the Circus, has likewise projected a Crescent : when that is finished, we shall probably have a Star ; and those who are living thirty years hence, may, perhaps, see all the signs of the Zodiac exhibited in architecture at Bath.
Pagina 177 - ... the first-rate oratress of Billingsgate. The footman retorted in the same style; and the squire dismissed him from his service, after having prevented me from giving him a good horse-whipping for his insolence. The coach being adjusted, another difficulty occurred. Mrs. Tabitha absolutely refused to enter it again unless another driver could be found to take the place of the postilion; who, she affirmed, had overturned the carriage from malice aforethought.
Pagina 139 - Gaystreet, is so difficult, steep, and slippery, that in wet weather it must be exceedingly dangerous, both for those that ride in carriages, and those that walk afoot ; and when the street is covered with snow, as it was for fifteen days successively this very winter, I don't see how any individual could go either up or down, without the most imminent hazard of broken bones.
Pagina 142 - American plantations, enriched they know not how; agents, commissaries, and contract141 ors, who have fattened, in two successive wars, on the blood of the nation ; usurers, brokers, and jobbers of every kind; men of low birth and no breeding, have found themselves suddenly translated into a state of affluence, unknown to former ages; and no wonder that their brains should be intoxicated with pride, vanity
Pagina 141 - Every upstart of fortune, harnessed in the trappings of the mode, presents himself at Bath, as in the very focus of observation.
Pagina 105 - In short, he remained in a trance that, in all probability, contributed to his safety ; for, had he retained the use of his senses, he might have been discovered by the transports of his fear. The first use he made of his retrieved recollection...

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