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HEN. VIII. Act 4, Sc. 2.

Hic nigræ succus, loliginis; hæc est

Erugo mera; quod vitium procul afore chartis,

Atque animo prius, ut si quid promittere de me
"Possum aliud vere, promitto."

HORACE, Sat. i. 4. 100.




By. T. Gillet, Crown-court, Fleet-street.


[Price Twelve Shillings in Boards.]


2399 44-163 153


ANOTHER, forming the tenth Volume of PUBLIC CHARACTERS, is now presented with all due deference, as well as gratitude, to that nation which has hitherto been pleased to approve of, and patronize the work. Like the preceding ones, its contents have been supplied by contributions from the pens of several authors, who have thus assuredly added to the variety, and it is to be hoped also, to the interest of the whole.

We rejoice, on the present occasion, to have been enabled to introduce a scientific article, and to mingle the discoveries of a philosopher, with the exploits of our seamen and our soldiers, the eloquence of our statesmen, the learning of our lawyers, and the piety of our prelates.

It may be proper to remark also, that the American Characters now, as before, have been furnished by a native of the United States, who has appeared in a public capacity in Europe, and is well known in Eng

land as a man of letters. Intimately ac

quainted with the lives, habits, and pursuits of the gentlemen alluded to, he may be said to have painted from the life; it is proper; however, to remark, that, regular and correct himself, he is not chargeable with any of the errors that may appear in the introductory matter, with which they are ushered into the notice of the reader.

The Appendix contains a variety of additions as well as emendations. Some of the articles are calculated to gratify curiosity.

The whole of this production will, we trust, be found chaste in respect to morals, and fair and candid in regard to politics. On one hand, no little groveling passion has been here gratified; no pitiful personal enmity has been indulged; while, on the other, no unmanly sacrifice has been made at the shrine of power, or what is infinitely more dear and respected, on the altar of friendship!

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