Die Enstehungsgeschichte der freistädtischen Bünde im Mittelalter und in der neuern Zeit. 4 Bücher [in 3 pt.].


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Pagina 237 - an act to restrain " the trade and commerce of the provinces of Massachusetts Bay " and New Hampshire, and colonies of Connecticut and Rhode" Island, and Providence Plantation, in North America, to Great '• Britain, Ireland, and the British islands in the West Indies ; and " to prohibit such provinces and colonies from carrying on any "fishery on the Banks of Newfoundland, and other places therein' " mentioned, under certain conditions and limitations.
Pagina 233 - For on what principle does it stand ? This famous revenue stands, at this hour, on all the debate, as a description of revenue not as yet known in all the comprehensive (but too comprehensive !) vocabulary of finance — a preambulary tax.
Pagina 251 - This effect of paper currency is not understood on this side the water. And indeed the whole is a mystery even to the politicians, how we have been able to continue a war four years without money, and how we could pay with paper, that had no previously fixed fund appropriated specifically to redeem it.
Pagina 233 - They have no idea that any people can act from any other principle but that of interest; and they believe that three-pence in a pound of tea, of which one does not perhaps drink ten pounds in a year, is sufficient to overcome all the patriotism of an American.
Pagina 245 - North moved for a bill •" to enable his Majesty to secure and detain persons charged with, or suspected of, the crime of high treason committed in America, or on the high seas, or the crime of piracy.
Pagina 235 - A Letter from a Virginian to the Members of the Congress to be held at Philadelphia on the First of September, 1774, hf.
Pagina 234 - ... their countrymen in particular) will not willingly associate with those of looser principles, yet they will undoubtedly endeavour to stop the career of that government whose impolitic measures are every day adding numbers to the wretched mass of the ignorant, the needy and the profligate. To oppose government with success, such honest individuals must make use of the assistance of the multitude, and consequently of good and bad citizens, of the rich and the poor, the learned and the unlearned,...
Pagina 233 - From a long and thorough consideration of the subject, I am indeed of opinion, that the Parliament has no right to make any law whatever, binding on the colonies ; that the King, and not the King, Lords, and Commons collectively, is their sovereign ; and that the King, with their respective Parliaments, is their only legislator.
Pagina 239 - We are of opinion the proposition is altogether unsatisfactory because it imports only a suspension of the mode, not a renunciation of the pretended right to tax us...
Pagina 170 - Yet two Years have passed, without the least Assistance given to Us, without a single Syllable in Answer to Our repeated Demands. So totally regardless have the States been of their Treaties with Us, that they readily promised Our Enemies to observe a Neutrality, in direct Contradiction to those...

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