The Dissector's Manual of Practical and Surgical Anatomy

Blanchard and Lea, 1856 - 583 pagina's

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Pagina 110 - OCCIPITO-FRONTALIS is a broad musculo-aponeurotic layer, which covers the whole of the side of the vertex of the skull, from the occiput to the eyebrow. It arises by tendinous fibres from the outer two-thirds of the superior curved line of the occipital, and from the mastoid portion of the temporal bone.
Pagina 569 - Examiner in Physiology and Comparative Anatomy in the University of London. PRINCIPLES OF HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY; with their chief applications to Psychology, Pathology, Therapeutics, Hygiene, and Forensic Medicine.
Pagina 78 - The lobulesof thecentre of the liver are angular, and somewhat smaller than those of the surface, from the greater compression to which they are submitted. The superficial lobules are incomplete, and give to the surface of the organ the appearance and all the advantages resulting from an examination of a transverse section.
Pagina 576 - Additions, by JOSEPH CARSON, MD, Professor of Materia Medica and Pharmacy in the University of Pennsylvania. In two very large octavo volumes of 2100 pages, on small type, with about 500 illustrations on stone and wood, strongly bound in leather, with raised bands.
Pagina 578 - HEALTHY SKIN : A Treatise on the Management of the Skin and Hair in relation to Health. Seventh Edition. Foolscap 8vo. 2s. 6d. PORTRAITS OF DISEASES OF THE SKIN.
Pagina 183 - The rectus capitis anterior major arises from the anterior tubercles of the transverse processes of the third, fourth, fifth and sixth cervical vertebrae...
Pagina 33 - Poupart's ligament below. It should be divided behind by a vertical incision extending from the last rib to the crest of the ilium, as its lumbar attachment cannot at present be examined. The muscle is then to be turned forwards. Some degree of care will be required in performing this dissection from the difficulty of distinguishing between this muscle and the one beneath. A thin layer of cellular tissue is all that separates them for the greater part of their extent. Near the crest of the ilium...
Pagina 131 - NERVE (naso-ciliaris) enters the orbit between the two heads of the external rectus and between the two branches of the third nerve. It crosses the optic nerve...
Pagina 377 - In drawing a line from the anterior superior spinous process of the ilium, to the tuberosity of the ischium, it passes on its way, from one point to the other, the apex of the large trochanter, in the normal position of the femur. It crosses the trochanter more or less below the apex in dislocation.
Pagina 511 - ... animals at a particular season. The fibres proceeding from Poupart's ligament and the obliquus internus tend to guide the gland into the inguinal canal, those attached to the os pubis to draw it below the abdominal ring, and the process descending to the scrotum to direct it to its final destination.

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