1130 BOWES (J. L.). Japanese Marks and Seals in Pottery, Illuminated MSS., and Printed Books, Lacquer, Enamels, Metal, Wood, Ivory, etc.


Profusely illustrated with a large number of marks, some coloured, and map of Japan.

Thk. impl. 8vo, orig. cloth, t. e. g. Lond., 1882.


Japanese Pottery, with Notes describing the Thoughts and Subjects employed in its decoration.

16 full-page plates including illuminated front. and upwards of 600 illustrations in the text of various descriptions of Japanese Ceramic Art and facsimiles of Marks.

First Edition. Impl. 8vo, orig. cloth. Liverpool, 1890.

£2 25

1132 HAYASHI COLLECTION. Catalogue du Dessins Estampes Livres illustrés du Japon réunis par T. Hayashi vendu Juin 2-6, 1902, avec introduction La Gravure Japonaise par S. Bing. Edition de Luxe. Profusely illustrated with 153 facsimiles of Japanese paintings and engravings.

4to, orig. illust. wraps., uncut. Paris, 1902.

£1 15S

1133 SILVER (J. M. W.). Sketches of Japanese Manners and Customs.

Illustrated with 28 full-page designs by native artists, reproduced in facsimile and finely printed in colours by chromolithography.

Impl. 8vo, orig. cloth. Lond., 1867.


A little spotted.

1134 STRANGE (E. F.). The Colour-Prints of Japan: an Appreciation and History.


II illustrations (two in colours).

Sq. post 8vo, orig. wraps., uncut, t. e. g., as issued. Lond.,

Large Paper, one of 150 copies only.

IOS 6d


SACRED AND Legendary ART. 2 vols. 1848.

LEGENDS OF THE MONASTIC ORDERS, as Represented in the Fine Arts.


LEGENDS OF THE MADONNA, as Represented in the Fine Arts. 1857.

HISTORY OF OUR LORD, as exemplified in Works of Art. 2 vols. 1864.

Together illustrated with 90 beautiful outline engravings, and over 700 fine woodcuts, after the great Masters.

6 vols, sq. 8vo, full dark blue morocco extra, gilt edges. Lond., 1848-64. FINE SET.

£8 8s

All FIRST EDITIONS except Legends of the Madonna," which is BEST EDITION, being 2nd Edition, CORRECTED AND ENLARged.




DITTO. Another Set. All First Editions.

Illustrated with 69 beautiful outline engravings and about 550 woodcuts after the Great Masters.

6 vols, sq. 8vo, orig. cloth, uncut. Lond., 1848-64. £6 6s

- The History of our Lord, as Exemplified in Works of Art, with that of His Types.

31 full-page etchings, and 281 fine wood engravings. FIRST EDITION. 2 vols, sq. 8vo, full brown levant morocco extra, gilt panelled sides and backs, centre ornaments, gilt edges, by RIVIERE. Lond., 1864.


£3 IOS

Legends of the Madonna, as Represented in the Fine Illustrated with 29 fine etchings and 152 wood engravings. First Edition. Sq. 8vo, orig, cloth, uncut. Lond., 1852. £1 5S

[blocks in formation]

Illustrated with 27 fine etchings and 165 wood engravings. Sq. 8vo, full brown levant morocco extra, gilt paned sides with centre ornaments, gilt back, gilt edges, by RIVIERE. Lond., 1864.

£1 15S




Legends of the Monastic Orders, as Represented in the Fine Arts.

Illustrated with II fine etchings and 88 wood engravings. Sq. 8vo, full brown levant morocco extra, gilt paned sides and back, centre ornaments, gilt edges, by RIVIERE. Lond., 1863. £1 15S

DITTO. Another Copy. First Edition. Sq. 8vo, orig. cloth. Lond., 1850. £1 5s

1142 JARVES (J. J.). Art Hints: Architecture, Sculpture, and Painting. Post 8vo, half calf gilt. Lond., 1855.



1143 JEENS (Charles Henry, 1827-1879, celebrated engraver, engraved for the ART UNION OF LONDON, HALL'S ROYAL GALLERY OF ART, THE ART JOURNAL, etc.).

An Extensive and Unique Collection of his Engraved Works.

Consisting of 140 Portraits of famous authors and others, Scenes from Literary Works, and numerous exquisite vignettes, executed for the "Golden Treasury" Series, etc.

All being BRILLIANT ARTIST'S PROOFS, and almost the entire number PRINTED ON INDIA PAPER.

Bound in one thick folio volume, half green morocco extra, gilt edges, by RIVIERE. Circa 1850-78.

£16 16s This fine collection consists of the small engravings in which Jeens excelled. Speaking of his work, the Dictionary of National Biography says Jeens' small plates are finished with admirable ease and


Included are plates after Romney, Gainsborough, Millais, W. Holman Hunt, Sir J. Noel Paton, T. Woolner, etc.; also portraits of Keats, Milton, Kingsley, Huxley, Darwin, Swedenborg, Savonarola, Chaucer, Raleigh, Faraday, James Russell Lowell, Whittier, Carlyle, Florence Nightingale, Lady Brassey, William Blake, etc.

1144 JERUSALEM. Vogue (Le Cte. M. de). Le Temple de Jerusalem, suivie d'un Essai sur la Topographie de la Ville-Sainte. Illustrated with 37 large plates (10 of which are FINELY COLOURED), and numerous woodcuts.


Large folio, new half red morocco gilt, uncut, t. e. g. Paris,

£5 15s


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