"The universal popularity of prints is, indeed,

readily accounted for; they possess qualities calculated to allure all tastes. To the lover of art, they present faithful translations of the works of the great painters of all ages and countries, works dispersed over the whole civilized world, and never to be seen, but by a comparatively few individuals, except through the medium of the sister art of engraving. They embody and realise the great and interesting events of history, and give substance and form to the imagination of poetry and romance; they are the only medium, indeed, as presenting to the eye the representation of every object of art or nature which words are inadequate to describe."




Engraved in Mezzotint, Stipple and Line, by and after Bartolozzi, Bunbury, Morland, Reynolds, J. R. Smith,

Ward and others.

The sizes given are (where possible) to Plate Mark.

F. BARTOLOZZI (1727-1815).

I Affection and Innocence.

Two females, one holding a bird by a string, and a young child (nude) standing near a tree, with a cage in front to left, open landscape.

Charming oval stipple engraving in red by Tomkins after Bartolozzi, size 13 by 11 in., with margins, 1785. £15 15S

2 Allegorical Plate.

Male and Female in the Air, chariot with horses, and driven by cupids on clouds, cupid with torch of Hymen above, landscape below. Size 12 by 17 inches.

Stipple engraving by Bartolozzi. any letters.

c. 1790.

Proof before


Signed by Bartolozzi, F. B.

3 Cecilia.

A beautiful female, nearly half length, low dress, pearls in hair.

Pretty oval stipple engraving by Bartolozzi after Engleheart, quotation from Cecilia under, fine open letter proof in brown, size 7 by 5 in., with margin. 1783.

£2 10S

F. BARTOLOZZI (1727-1815)-continued. 4 Ceres.

Charming female, rustic dress, seated, with basket of grain, two cupids with birds, one of which is pecking from the basket, trees behind.


Pretty female in hat and loose dress, seated, holding basket of fruit, a cupid hands her fruit from a tree, another taking an apple from basket, landscape in distance, verses under each subject. Pair circles, very fine stipple engravings by Bartolozzi after Cipriani, size 10 by 9 in., with margins, 1787, choice impressions in red of these charming plates The Pair, £18 18s


5 Cupids at Play.

In circle, three cupids with bows and arrows on clouds, two doves in front.

Fine stipple engraving by Bartolozzi after G. B. Cipriani, size 10 by 9 in., with margins. Circa 1782. Proof impression in red. £4 45

6 Cupid and Psyche.

Full lengths, standing, embracing, trees and foliage behind. Beauty and Time.

Beauty, a handsome female, partly nude, standing.

Time, an old man with wings, both holding scythe, landscape, trees and foliage, etc., behind.

Pair of pretty oval stipple engravings by Bartolozzi after Cipriani, in red.

Size 9 by 7 in., with margins, 1781.

7 Fan Design.


£5 5s

Charming ornamental design, with goddess driving horses in chariot in centre, and two other oval engravings of an owl and an eagle, surmounted by Medusa heads at each side.

Beautiful stipple by Bartolozzi, with margin, folio. Circa 1775.

Another. Fan Design.


With many ornaments and figures, also three charming miniature engravings, the "Marlborough Gem" in centre, and cupids at sides.

Brilliant proof impression, with full margin, folio. 1779. 38s

F. BARTOLOZZI (1727-1815)-continued.

9 Genius and Beauty.

Genius describing Beauty and Cupid dictating him. Beauty a lovely female seated partly robed, to left a handsome youth, holding a palette, behind two cupids, one holding lighted torch.

Prudence and Beauty.

Prudence endeavouring to retain Beauty from following the Insinuation of Love. Female figures, one Prudence in armour, the other Beauty loosely draped, Cupid with torch taking hold of latter's robe, another cupid to left holding mirror.

Pair of very fine oval stipple engravings by F. Bartolozzi after G. P. Cipriani.

Size 9 by II in., with margins. 1782.

Choice early impressions in red.

IO Gualtherus and Griselda.

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A beautiful peasant girl, kneeling outside a cottage before a young man, standing, in hat with leathers, sword, spurs, etc., horses and buildings in distance.

Large and charming oval stipple engraving by Bartolozzi after Angelica Kauffman. fine impression.

Size 17 by 13} in., and margin. 1785.

The Hours."

£6 6s

Group of graceful female figures, forming an arc in the sky, moving from left to right, sun rising in left, crescent moon to right, two cupids throwing roses in the air above figures.

Large stipple engraving in brown by F. Bartolozzi after Maria Cosway.

Size 17 by 20 in., with good margins. 1788.

Fine impression in brown.


£4 4s

12 Love and Honour.

A young officer taking leave of a beautiful young woman, in a landscape, two horses to left, one mounted by an officer.

Large circle stipple engraving by Bartolozzi after

Size 16 by 14 inches, with large margins. 1785.
Proof before letters.

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F. BARTOLOZZI (1727-1815)—continued.

13 Penelope, Weeping over the Bow of Ulysses.

Penelope, a beautiful female, full length, seated, in Roman costume, head resting on left hand, bow in right, pillar and steps behind.

Large and charming oval stipple engraving by Delattre, F. Bartolozzi direx, after Angelica Kauffman, brilliant proof before letters in red.

Size 14 by 11 in., and full uncut margin. 1779.

£5 5s

14 Queen Katherine's Dream (vide Shakespeare's Henry 8th). The Queen reclining on couch asleep, left hand upraised, six beautiful female allegorical figures in mid-air, two handsome female attendants seated on ground.

Beautiful stipple engraving by Bartolozzi after Fuseli.

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Beautiful female in loose dress, seated on rock, holding flowers over head of young man who reclines beside her and looking up into her face, trees behind, and two Roman soldiers in distance. Very pretty oval stipple engraving by Bartolozzi after Kauffman.

Size 8 by 10 in. Circa 1790 (no margins).

Printed in colours.

17 A Sacrifice to Cupid.

£6 6s

Cupid stands on altar in front of globe holding lighted torch, female figures round about, with flowers, doves, etc.

The Triumph of Beauty and Love.

Beauty, a charming female, partly draped, seated on a car ; Love stands on her knee, other female figures and cupids, doves,


Pair of very fine oval stipple engravings by Bartolozzi after

Size 10 by 12 in., with margins. 1783.
Brilliant Open Letter Proof Impressions in red.


Pair, £28

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