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F. BARTOLOZZI (1727-1815)-continued.

18 A St. James's Beauty.

Half length, an elegantly attired young lady, face in profile to right, feathers and jewels in hair, scarf tied under chin. A St. Giles's Beauty.

Half length, young woman, face in profile to left, mob cap, with strings, loose hair, bosom exposed.

Two very charming stipple oval engravings by Bartolozzi after J. H. Benwell.

Size 10 by 8 in., with margins. 1783.

Choice impressions in brown.


SIR WM. BEECHEY (1753-1839).

19 Children Relieving a Beggar Boy.

"Here, poor boy, without a hat, take this Ha'penny."

Boy and girl standing under a tree, the latter giving money to a beggar boy, dog at their feet, landscape and trees in background. Large stipple engraving by C. Wilkin after Beechey. Size 21 by 163 inches, with margins. 1796.

Fine impression.

J. H. BENWELL (1764-1785).

20 The Orange Girl.

£6 15s

Three-quarter length, a young woman, mob cap, low dress,

cloak, carrying basket of oranges and play bill.

Stipple engraving by Legrand after J. H. Benwell.

Size 10g by 63 in., with margins.

Printed in colours.

Circa 1800.

£6 6s


20a New Shoes.

Full length, a young girl, hair tied with ribbon, low-cut dress, sash, hands raising frock on either side.

Charming stipple engraving by M. Bovi after Mrs. Ross.
Size 9 by 63 in., with margins. Circa 1790.

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MATHER BROWN (1750?-1831).

21 The Reaper.

Full length figure of a young peasant girl standing by a bank with sheaf of corn, pitcher by her side.

Stipple engraving after Mather Brown.

Size 10 by 7 in., with margin. 1803.

H. W. BUNBURY (1750-1811).

22 A Band of Savoyards.

Man in centre, with organ, two graceful females to left, one with hurdy gurdy, the other with tambourine, soldier and two monks, etc.

Large stipple engraving by C. Knight after Bunbury original impression in brown.

Size 15 by 193 in., with margin. 1785.

T. BURFORD (f. 1740-1765).

23 The Months.


Set of Twelve three-quarter length portraits of ladies in oval.
Very fine mezzotints by and after T. Burford.
Size 123 by 8 in., with inscription margins. 1747.

Fine set.

January-Hands in muff, cape, hood, boa round neck.
February-Hands folded across, cape, cap, ribbon at throat.


March-Arms lying across, fan in right hand, ship in distance to left.

April-Right hand to breast, left pointing to flowers in pot in front to left. May-Lace cap, earrings, pearls round neck, jewels and watch, right hand holding fan.

June-Hat, pearls round neck, left hand holding wand.

July-Cap, earring, holding fruit and flowers.

August-Cap, basket with fish in lap, fishing rod and line in left hand, men fishing in boat in distance.

September-Leaning on window-sill, right hand raised.

October-Hat, whip in right hand, greyhound fawning on lap, huntsman with horses in distance.

November Cap, holding up woodcock with right hand before spaniel. December-Leaning back in chair, hands in back, left one holding a book, candle on table to left.

E. BURNEY (1824-1900).

24 "The Meeting of Paris and Helen."

Handsome female and male figure in loose robes reclining on couches, Venus removing veil from Helen's shoulders, and lifting her hand towards Paris, car with doves in background, pretty vignette.

Stipple engraving by Cooper after Burney.
Printed in bistre, with large margins. 1814.


25 Landscape.

CAZENAVE (Born circa 1770).

Two men struggling in front, goat and dogs to left, ruined archway with trees behind in distance, shepherdess and shepherd with crooks, advancing towards men.

Stipple engraving by Cazenave.

Size 12 by 9 in. Very finely printed in colours. C. 1800.


J. CONSTABLE (1776-1837).

26 The Valley Farm.


Stream, boat and cows in foreground, house behind, trees to

Large and beautiful mezzotint by G. Sanders after Constable, brilliant India proof before letters.

Size 27 by 20 in., and large margin. 1875.

R. COSWAY (1740-1821).

27 The Hours Crowning Virtuous Love.

£2 2s

Small circle, nearly whole lengths, three young children almost nude, the one in centre, Love, with bow and arrows, the child to the left crowning Love with wreath of roses.

Stipple engraving by T. Ryder after R. Cosway.

With margin. 1786. Proof before letters.

Said to be Portraits of children of Col. Braddyl.

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SAMUEL COUSINS (1801-1887).

28 The Sunshine of Love.

A young lady, three-quarter length, leaning left elbow on table to right, on which lies a small box containing gentleman's portrait, she holds a letter open with both her hands and reading, a bright light is reflected on face and bosom from behind curtain to right.

Mezzotint by Samuel Cousins after John Raoux.
Size 15 by 12 in., with margins. 1837.

£5 5s

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