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Pagina 215 - THE HISTORY OF OUR LORD, as exemplified in Works of Art, with that of His Types, St. John the Baptist, and other persons of the Old and New Testament.
Pagina 26 - LIFE IN LONDON : or, the Day and Night Scenes of Jerry Hawthorn, Esq., and his Elegant Friend, Corinthian Tom.
Pagina 83 - BLAKE. — LIFE OF WILLIAM BLAKE. With Selections from his Poems and other Writings. Illustrated from Blake's own Works. By ALEXANDER GiLCHRIST. A new and Enlarged Edition, with additional Letters, and a Memoir of the Author.
Pagina 210 - WR The Art of Illuminating, as practised in Europe from the Earliest Times; Illustrated by Borders, Initial Letters, and Alphabets...
Pagina 23 - A Critical Inquiry into antient Armour as it existed in Europe, but particularly in England, from the Norman Conquest to the Reign of King Charles II, with a Glossary of Military Terms of the Middle Ages,' with eighty plates, seventytwo of which are beautifully coloured and illuminated in gold and silver.
Pagina 131 - Typographical Antiquities; or the history of printing in England Scotland and Ireland: containing memoirs of our ancient printers, and a register of the books printed by them.
Pagina 196 - A New Edition. To which are Prefixed, a Biographical Sketch of COUNT HAMILTON, and a Translation of the Epistle to COUNT GRAMMONT. Illustrated with 64 PORTRAITS engraved by EDWARD SCRIVEN, &c.
Pagina 80 - RALFE (J.) The Naval Chronology of Great Britain; or an Historical Account of Naval and Maritime Events, from the Commencement of the War in 1803, to the End of the Year 1816...
Pagina 113 - PYNE (WH) The History of the Royal Residences of Windsor Castle, St. James's Palace, Carlton House, Kensington Palace, Hampton Court, Buckingham House, and Frogmore.
Pagina 107 - With Nature's self He seemed an old acquaintance, free to jest At will with all her glorious majesty. He laid his hand upon "the Ocean's mane...

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