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Durham, did love, for it can only be he who land so irreconcileable to Popery woud consent to take bestowed upon him the three carucates of land in off the penal Laws by a Parleament if not awd by a more Biscepethorp, of which the Testa de Nevill faythful armie than you have at present & now that a (p. 338) makes mention.

needfull alteration is begun in Ireland it shud be carried This Walter Bek of Luceby married I know not al the Sectaries in your dominions are so gal'd at some of

on speedily for your own & Catholic Subjects security, for whom, but she bore him six children, three sons the Fanatics being discarded in Ireland that they joyn and three daughters. The three daughters were beads, conceyt counsels, swear & contrive vengeance agst Alice, Margaret, and Johanna, and if any one all papists who must expect no quarters, but dureing wants to know more about them I can furnish that God who deliverd you from the manyfold dangers

reign but al good men bave reason to hope him with their birthdays. The sons were John, of your Life and made your Enemies your footstool, will born on August 18, 1278; Antony, born on spare your precious life til you accomplish the glorious August 4, 1279; and Thomas, born on February work reservd for you by that providonce which is your 22, 1282. John succeeded his father as constable best life guard; And tis the great comfort of al good subof Lincoln, and moreover became also constable of healthy parents you have (I thank God) at present al the

jects that besides your being of al sides descended from Bristol Antony became Bishop of Norwich in symptoms of & vigorous long livd man, nay that your March, 1337. Thomas became Bishop of Lincoln haveing been suckled by a very healthy long livd woman (to which see his elder brother was elected in 1320, must in reason contribut much to the length of your life. but was not allowed to be consecrated) in July, Therefore putt your

trust in that God that never fayld 1342.

any good Man that plac'd bis hopes with confidence in But Walter Bek of Luceby died on August in a manner ball don his work, which canot be more

him & consider the proverb that he that begins wel has 25, 1291, leaving all his six children under age ; aptly applyd than to the auspicious begining of your the eldest was only just thirteen. It is difficult to reign for God has so dash'd the interprizes and hopes of believe that there is nothing to be found about the your Enemies that the terror of ye name and their exguardianship of so important a family, and I shall perience of your good fortune is with the help of the be grateful indeed if any one can give me addi- change their

hearts at least to curb their insolence;

Army they gave you way to raise, sufficient if not to tional information upon the early career of the Therefore listen not to Triming Counsell" whose averbrothers Antony and Thomas of Luceby, who sion is your religion and cunning design of spining out may have been, and probably were, the wards of your life with their Pian Piano may putt them upon Antony and Thomas of Eresby. It will make a carried on otherwise than by slow and imperceptible

urgeing to you tbat great alterations are dangerous when pretty little

story if it can be proved that Antony, degrees which is true where matters are not so orderd in Bishop of Durham, managed so well for Antony point of powr as not to need fear a perturbation in the the second as to bring him in eventually Bishop of state, but otherwise Celerity and resolution ads life and Norwich; and if Thomas, Bishop of St. David's, vigor to al actions especialy such as relate to a change, put his little ward, Thomas the second, in the way partie feareing an alteration is always (28 haveing more

which is often prevented by tedious deliberations, for the of becoming at last Bishop of Lincolo.

reason) more jealous and vigilant than be from whom AUGUSTUS JESSOPP. it is foard, and therefore leaves no stono unturn'd to

hinder the accomplishm of designs tbat might take

effect if not marr'd for not being vigorously pushd on a8 A SERIES OF EIGHT ANONYMOUS AND CON- soon as resolvd upon; And as precipitation is an error 80

FIDENTIAL LETTERS TO JAMES II. AND HIS is irresolution which is never to be practisd by any

especialy a wise known and resolut Prince, but when the (Continued from 6th S. v. 485.)

issue of interprizes depends more upon chance than a

prudent managemt of causes and rational foresight of The Copie of a Letter sent the King the 14th of events; But nothing causes irresolution more than a August, 1686.

medley of Counsellors of a different religion with their May it pleas your Matlo, - I humbly beg of you for Prince who wil be on al occasions as industrious to preGod's sake and your own to read what 1 here presume to vent, as he can be to carry on any design for reestablish. write, not but that I know it may wel be thought an in. ing religion and in as much as authority courage and excusable piece of presumption in any subject to say or prudence are the three most necessary qualifications in write anything that may look like prescribeing to a King a Prince, that conduce most of al ordinary meanes to especialy a King that from his own knowlege and the the replantation of a Religion, and that al three meet to best mother of it, long experience, must with universal yo highest degree in your Majestie no protestant Counconsent be allows the most competent Judge in his cells will advise any alteration in the government that dominions of what ought or ought not to bo done. Yet in may directly or indirectly tend to a change in religion. as much as your present counsellors are for the most part Nay they lye under such Jealousie & prejudico as may divided from you by the unhappy difference in Religion induce them to magnifie dangers where there is none at I hope your Ma'• wil pardon a loyal plain-dealer

for pre al & take no notice of it where it really is, a devise much suming to offer his wel meaning opinion of the present practis'd in England of late geares. Hence in the lare posture of affayrs. S' as I am one that make it my business Kings time no danger thretnéd his Majestie but from the to study your interest I took the liberty of telling you in Catholic quarters while the greatest of dangers hoverd former letters that in order to replant religion in your over his & your sacred heads wrap'd up in the dark cloud dominions, you ought to begin with Ireland where the of Fanatick treachery & dissimulation. Si it is plain that work is more than half don to your hand & where yo the reality of the danger lyes in the delay of makeing prorogative allows you to do with that Kingdom as you your Cath: subjects considerable. For Gods sake consider please, for it was not to be expected yi England & Scot. that yours and their sworn enemies threaten above board

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that Popery or Protestantism must and shal be for ever the Irish Merchants wil like the soldiers flock home from extirpated in these Kingdomand that al papists must al parts of the world but with this difference tbat as the inevitably splitt upon a rock in that haven wbere they soldiers com to get your mony the merchants wil bring had reason to hope for safety, if not secur'd against the al their effects into that Country where you wil soon find tbreatning storm dureing your Matles life, whereof the the benefit of it by a vast encrease of your customs; for days and hours are precious considering the important let the discontented Whiggs give out what they list that game you have to play and the indispensable obligation trade is dead your revenues lessened and the country you lye under (before that God who has so wonderfully in danger of being dispeopled since the late alteration in declar'd bimself for you) of settling your religion by al your army and consternation it has putt your proteslawful meanes whereof one of the chiefest and most in- tant Subjects into, and that your Hectoring Tyrconnell fallible human ones is that of preferring your capable or Turk-conel as they cal him has ruind al that Nation, Catholic subjects to the places of highest trust and these are but such obloquies & murmurings as are never greatest protit which in Kingdoms for the most part wanting in any of your Kingdoms where your fanatic governd by interest will intice men that have little or no subjects do not rule the roast; and the real truth is that religion to make choyce of ye which may consist most there are few or no protestants in that country & such with their ambition, and tho som of them may at first a8 are joyn with the Whiggs against the Comon Enemie com over rather for their temporal than spiritual advan. and as to your revenues you are cheated of them by the tage yet they may with God's Grace becom sincere con mismanagemt and sinistrous practices of your commisverts, and Contribut as much from the helm to the con- sioners, whereof the major part are in their hearts version of soules as the best of preachers from pulpits; rank Whiggs and of a Whiggish race & thence it is that For words do but move but examples and especialy those they employ no officers but men of their own Kidney of great Men have more resistles charms and a more than that swallow the oathes and your revenues to boot; ordinary ascendant over the minds of the comon people and tho no King can wel aroyd being impor'd on by his which consideration shod prevayle with your Matle to servants I believe it in my Conscience that the present prefer without delay Couragious wise and zealous managers of your revenues in Ireland think it no sin to Catholics to the most eminent and profitable stations rob a Popish King of his due; Hence it is that there is especialy in your houshold where you are King by a two- an universal correspondence & combination twixt them fold title, by wbich meanes you wou'd in a short time be & al tbe Whiggish Merchants in that Country Nay stock'd in the faythful Consell" all of a piece that would Cap" Bridges one of your Comiss's keeps an exchange in joyn heads hearts and bands & Contribut unanimously Dub. and ships at sea that go in his brothers name con. to the forwarding your greate and good design speedily trary to the law that inhibits all men concernd in the and vigorously whereas the very best of your pro- managemt of your revenues to trade by Sea or Land; and testant Counsell" Ministers and Servants are no better yet they are so nice observers of the law in other points than so many Spies upon your Actions and intentions where yr Matle allows of a dispensation that they canot which by al possible methods they will endeavour to affoard any Catholic a collectors place tho never so wel obstruct, which is plain from their firm & joyat resolution recomended by your special orders unles he takes the of admitting no Catholics into the Civil employs at their oaths; as who shud say let the King dispose of the milidisposal for

they see as far as the Prince of Orange and tary Employs as he thinks fitt we wil by way of retalook with different respects upon the King and the liation take care that no Catholic be admitted into the Papist and as your royal fathers enemies framd a fond Civil; This combination makes your letters for Civil distinction twixt big politic & natural Capacity, fighting places the reversion of out-lawyeries and for Catholics against the one in defence of the other, it is to be feard the being admitted free into Corporations so little regarded protestants of your English Army would in case of a re- in Ireland by those that pased for Tories here yet bellion be too inclind to fight for the King, parleament publickly espouse the Whiggish quarrel the other side & Protestant religion against the King as papist his the water. 'I beseech you Si consider that however popish Cabals and Popery, to prevent which as matters your Kingly prudence may prevayle with you to disnow stand there is but one sure and safe expedient that semble pour resentments of the non-complyance and is to purge without delay the rest of your Irish Army. disobedience of your stiff-necked English protestant Increase and make it wholly Catholic rayse & train a Subjects, you ougħt to exert your regal authority in IreCatbolic Militia there, place Catholics at the helm of land as a Kingdom more peculiarly your own where the that Kingdom, issue out quo warrantos against al the best and most numerous of yr Subjects are so far from Corporations in it put al the employs civil as wel as imagining your royal power limitted or shackled by laws Military into Catholic bands This don cal a parleament that they long to see you as absolut a monarch as your of loyal Catholics that may outvote the Fanatics and be heart can wish; And they are hated and detested by allow'd by their Consciences to rayse you Men and Mony the comon Enemies of Monarchie and poperie for being and do what you please; It may be here objected that thus affected especially my La Tyrconel who by his not the Protestant Lords spiritual and temporal of that triming but dealing plainly and above board with a Kingdom are far more numerous than the Catholic peers pack of formerly stiff opposers of a popish successor has which is soon answer'd it being in your power to cal up created bimself 80 many Enemies that he has reason to the Catholic Bishops and as many Knights and gent of pray as it is sayd he often does that he may either dye a good estates by writt to parleament as may overballance month before or at least not outlive your Majestie a month, the contrary partie, and if Catholics be admitted free of for if that poor nation be not made considerable dureing Corporations the greater number of Electors wil soon be your reign bis LOP must not hope for the favour my of their side and as to an other objection that may be Lord Strafford had of being legally murther'd by & rays'd that the present revenues of that Kingdom canot formal tryal but may wel expect all formality layd aside answer other state contingencies and maintaine a greater to be sacrificed to the unbridled fury of the lawles rabble army than is already on foot especialy when the revenues and dissected into little morsels as ye Dewitz were in Rather fal tban rise there, the solution to this objection is Holland, and truely the Fanatics threaten no less and it to be expected also from your Mato in whose brest it were to be wish'd they cryd out upon more of your lyes to take of by a law the restraint that Country is Ministers than they do at present for you may take it ander as to trade & traffic for which it lyes much more for granted they never will speak wel of your real conveniert, then iny of your Kingdoms when this is don friends por il of your foes go with a great deal of submission to ye princely Wisdom no Trimmer is fitt to be with desigu to cheat you of twenty shillings to provent your servant for he that is not with you is against you, which there is no remedie but that employing smart And as it is impossible a Carpenter shud build a house men of known integritie to be chosen without favour or without proper tooles it is not to be expected you can affection that wil bo content with their respective possibly have the glory of rebuilding the Church of God salaries and employ their uttmost industry to improve in Ireland or els

where without fitt instruments. the not imbezil your revenues the ornamt of peace and priests and the armie wil not do the work, the Ministers sinews of war. & Councell" at the helm must each of them bring a Si These Kingdoms are of opinion Popery will break stone to the building otherwise what the one makes the in upon them and it were a pitty to disappoint em and other wil endeavour to marr and the work wil go on when you take effectual measures your trimming like that of Babel confusedly for want of good intelli- Courtiers wil unmask & cum over Nay half the Kinggence among the workmen; Syou are under God the dom wil be converted of itself. What I have here pregreat Architect that wil with the blessing of Jesus live sum'd to write is the effect of my unfeigned zeal for the to see the glorious structure fully finisha in order to good of Religion and your Matic interest which I hope which it is requisit you loos no time in makeing Ireland will induce you to pardon a plain-dealing and loveing entirely your own that England and Scotland may subject that daylie beseeches God to bless your Majestie follow. you are gon too far if you do not go further. not and these Kingdoms with a long & prosperous reign, and to advance is to loos ground. Delays are dangerous; with numerous longlivd Male issues and to inspire you to And al the world allow expedition and resolution to be the performance of such heroic actions as may give you your province; The Eyes of the whole christian world imortal fame in this world and Eternal glorie in the are upon you and you are lookd upon as a prince chosen next. by heaven to repayr the breach made by your pre

W. FRAZER, F.R.C.S.I., M.R.I.A. decessors in these Kingdoms 80 unhappily rent and dis.

(To be continued.) tracted by Schism and beresie since the reformation ; It is your temporal as wel as spiritual advantage to rejoyn and cement them with the bond of an entire unitie in religion that your subjects might move as if they were

SHAKSPEARIANA. but one body and one soul & joyn hearts and hands to " ALL'S WELL," T. ii.make you the most glorious and invincible Monarch upon Earth If this were once compass'd France cud no more

“ Within ten yeare it will make it selfs two." hope upon a falling out with England to tako advantage This calculation has evidently been wrongly set of the diversity of Sects and what may spring thence down. Hanmer would alter the final two into ten, domestic Jarrs and divisions. Si notwithstanding the but there are three, if not four, objections to this. doubts and feares of trimming Courtiers and som Cowhearted Catholics yu may live long enuff to undertake It is not like Parolles to look so far abead. It is and Crown the great work with the grace and assistance too much repetition, even verbally, of “ Virginitie of the same Almighty God that defeated the Rebels in by beeing once lost may be ten times found,” for the west and made them instruments in settling you in Shakespeare never so repeats himself. your throne and that permitted this Country to be lately woman should bring forth ten children within ten sprinkled with the blood of martyrs which must infallibly contribute to the conversion of soules in this years is sufficiently rare to forbid its being quoted Kingdom, for the blood of martyrs is & ever was the fruit as an argument as to what generally occurs. Had full seed of the Church : The seed is sown in several he said may this objection would not have held, parts of England and the barvest wil without doubt be but he says" will.” Lastly, Grant White's argugreat and plentiful but the workmen too too few: If you ment to the effect that no one, least of all Parolles, do not provide yourself with Catholic privie Councils Ministers Judges officers Civil and Military as to the could have added, " and the principall it selfe not choice of which wil mind your Maue of the advice much the worse,” is in itself fatal. Thinking that given Moses by Jethro his father in law in the following the error lay in the prior ten, the last-named gentlewords “ Provide out of all the people able men such as fear God men of truth bateing Covetousnes" when your of cent. per cent. is retained.

man altered it to one, whereby Hanmer's increase Counsell" and Ministers are thus qualified and not til then you may hope to do what becomes a James the Accepting this I had thought that the text misSecond and to furnish yourself with able men you print might have occurred thus. Suppose the must follow your royal fathers advice to the Prince of MS. to have had “i ycare," the transcriber, &c., Wales, that is wth an equal Eye and impartial hand distribut favors and rewards to al men as you find them may have misread or mis-remembered the top of the for their real goodnes both in ability and fidelity worthy y, or reduplicated it, to 10 yeare." Writing to and capable of them. such as fear God as the truely one printer, he thought the conjecture a probable wigest wil advise you to the best measures for promote one. Writing, however, to another, of more ing Gods Glory Men of truth wil like Tyrconel serve you practical experience, he did not think so. “But," faythfully without trimming tho with never so apparent said he, “my experience, and also that of the hazard to their fortunes and Lives And men hateing readers of [two literary journals], is that the Covetousnes wil not betray your interest, be corrupted word the is often composed as ten, more especially nor sel places to such undermanagers of your revenue as buying them for a spil in gros wil be sure to retayle in the case of the handwriting of a contributor to them at your Cost A practice much in use here and in .". I regret that my correspondent wishes me Ireland at present where few or no places can be bad to withhold his name, but on his authority and without bribes by which meanes you are cheated in both that of the two “readers," and because" within Kingdoms of a hundred thousand pounds a year in the opinion of understanding and indifferent judges for no the yeare " is so much more natural and colloquial man wil give a shilling surreptitiously for an office but and more rhythmical, I suggest that this variant



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reading be adopted. The sense is the same as registers. This will be a step towards an enlarged with Grant White's emendation, the change is con- and continued Athence Oxonienses.

Another step sequent on his; but any change, however slight, is would be the collection of notes relating to the to be welcomed if it seem to bring us nearer to names already recorded in Wood. I hope to send the verbum ipsissimum of Shakespeare.

contributions from time to time, beginning with

BR. NICHOLSON. vol. iv, ed. Bliss. “ HENRY V." I. ü.In the description of hive: 44; Continuation, 63, 66 (his son Thomas)


Richard Adams of Brasenose.-Calamy, Account, bees given by the Archbishop of Cant occurs a word which blemishes that splendid Coll. Oxon., incorporatus Cantabrigiæ 1631" (Baker's

Bliss, iv, 603. Quidam. Ric. Adams, A.M. Nov. picture :

MS. note: this is, of course, an older man). His “Where some, like magistrates, correct at home;

grandfather Richard Adams was rector and patron Others, like merchants, venture trade abroad; Others, like soldiers, armed in their stings,

of Woodchurch, in Wirral ; his father Charles, Make boot upon the summer's velvet buds;

his uncle Randal, and his brothers Peter, Thomas, Which pillage they with merry march bring home and Charles were all clergymen. He was tutor of To the tent royal of their Emperor:

John Moore (Calamy, Contin., 412). John Howe Who, busied in his majesty, surveys The singing masons building roofs of gold;

preached his funeral sermon in 1698. The civil citizens kneading up the honey;

Robert Wright, Bishop of Bristol.-Wood-Bliss, The poor mechanic porters crowding in

Athence Oxon., iv. 800-802 ; Fasti, index. ImTheir heavy burdens at his narrow gate."

proves the revenues of his see (Heylyn, Life of. The line

Laud, 214); proceedings in his diocese, 1636 (ibid. “The civil citizens kneading up the honey,"

271); his infirmities (ibid. 461). gives us a false and even ridiculous image, which

“From Coventry it is informed that some of their Johnson justifies, though "not physically true," had long besieged Eccleshall Castle, in the County of

Forces, together with helpé of some Staffordshire men, by supposing Shakespeare to have been ignorant Stafford (which belonged to Doctor Wright, Byshop, of that bees knead the wax rather than the honey. Coventry and Lychfield, and where he lately died, during The word kneading is, however, an amendment the Siege):-Certain informations, No. 34, Sept. +-11, made by the first folió, and adopted by all the 1643, p. 265." folios and all subsequent editors and critics to See also Prynne's Antipathie, ii. 292, and his this day, of the words lading up," which is given Canterburie's Doome, 90, 91 (the second page so in all the quartos. “ Lading up the honey” is numbered by mistake), 353, 372. He improved certainly an error, but the folio amendment is as the living of Towcester, Northants. Spelman clearly wrong. Shakespeare wrote, most justi- On Tithes, signature Ć 4b. Robert. Wright, Speech fiably :

spoken in the House of Commons, being brought “The civil citizens laying up the honey."

to the Barre to Answer for Himself, 1641, 4to. "Laying up” is the Shakespearean word for storing One Rob. Wright, D.D., incumbent of Dennington, for future use." Thus in the Comedy of Errors where (Nov. 30, 1621) he placed a tablet to the (II. ii.):

memory of his predecessor, William Fulke. The gold I gave to Dromio is laid up

JOHN E. B. MAYOR Safe at the Centaur."

Cambridge. Again, in 2 Henry IV. (V. i.), “Oh, you shall see OLIVER CROMWELL.--Every scrap of informahim laugh till his face be like a wet cloak ill laid tion as to the career of Oliver Cromwell is imporup.” Again in this play (V. ii.), “My comfort is tant. It may, therefore, not be out of place to that old age, that ill layer-up of beauty, can do no draw attention to the following. In Carlyle's more spoil upon my face.” Again, in Henry VIII. Cromwell, ed. 1857, vol. i. p. 139, is a letter dated (V. iv.) :

Sept. 28, 1643, which the editor conjectures was "All comfort, joy, in this most gracious lady, written in “Holland, Lincolnshire." This is correct Heaven ever laid up to make parents happy, as far as it goes, but I think we may identify the May hourly fall upon ye."

exact place, which seems to have been Boston. The mere mistake of a single letter, y for d, in Among the papers belonging to G. A. Lowndes, somo process of the scribe's, or the printer's, Esq., which are calendared in the Seventh Report manipulation, made a very serious blunder, which of the Historical Manuscripts Commission, is a the change of a single letter again completely letter from William Harlakenden to Sir Thomas rectifies, to the great improvement of this magni- Barrington, dated September 30, in which he says : ficent description.

“ Col. Cromwell writes to us that he is very safely HENRY HALFORD VAUGHAN.

returned to Boston, for which he desireth us to give God

the praise of such a mercy; for divers troops of Lord Wood's "ATHENE OXONIENSES.”—The Uni- Lord Newcastle's forces, that were and are returned into

Willowby of Parham bad an alarum from the enemy, versity of Oxford proposes to print its matriculation Lincolnshire, and all those troops did run away, and

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forces, and it was God's infinite mercy their throats were "neighbouring eyes” (80); gave no alaram to any of the rest of Col. Cromwell's be no full stop from “Straight mine eye" (69) to not cut in their beds."

In Prof. Masson's admirable edition (1874) none There is another letter of October 2, in which we of these faults of punctuation occur, por in the are informed that “Col. Cromwell tells me he earlier edition of Cleveland (1853). J. Dixon. wept when he came to Boston and found no moneys for him from Essex and other counties " Boston CAURCH AND STEEPLE IN LINCOLN(pp. 564, 565).

EDWARD PEACOCK. SHIRE.-The following memorandum is written

on the fly-leaf of my copy of Philips's New World BOOKS GONE ASTRAY (see "N. & Q.;" 6th S. v. of Words, folio, 1678:427, 466).-If the courtesy of the Editor be ex

“Boston Church and Steeple in Lincolnshire. tended to all who, like MR. THOMs and · MR.

“ Anno 1309 in the 34 year of Edward ye 24 On the Peacock, are mourners over“ broken sets” and Monday after Palm Şunday in ye same year, The favourite volumes missing from their shelves Miners began to break ground for yo Foundaton of through their own (readers may fill up the Boston Steeple continuing till Midsumer following at blank with “ folly" or "good nature" at pleasure), and there they found a bed of Stone, upon a Spring of

which time they were deeper then the Haven by 5 foot, then methinks the boundaries of our pleasant Sand, and that Laid upon a Bed of Clay, whose thickness neutral ground must needs' be enlarged, for the could not be known. present space will not suffice for a tithe of the “Upon the Monday next after the Feast of St John appeals. May I venture to hint at an old Derby. Baptist was laid the first stone by Dame Margery Tilney, shire saying which advises those who have sus- Parson of Boston) gaue also 5', and Richard Stephenson

upon which she Laid 5! and si John Fruesdall (then tained injury for which they have no one to blame a Merchant of Boston gaue Gl more, these were all the but themselves, to grin and bear it”? As a sad guifts given at that time. The Altitude of the Steeple, sufferer myself, the story of Guibert de Pixéricourt and lenght of yo. Church are equal, vizt each 94 yards, (it will be found on pp. 44-5 of Mr. Lang's The the Steps of yo Steeple are 365, Windows 52, Pillars 12, Library) has fortified me with courage. If a friend as equall to the daies, weekes,

and months in ye year.

“ Collected p' MATT. HUMBERSTONE. should desire to “borrow a book, and you are “Taken 10th April 1699." prepared to do him a service, give it to him and

CHARLES JNO, RIDGE. have done with it. In this case both your friend Newark-upon-Trent. and your peace of mind will be preserved to you.



new church of Aber, Carnarvonshire, lately, I was MR. TAOMB's and MR. PEACOCK's notes on looking at the old font, brought from the ancient the above subject remind me that I have one church there when it was demolished to make such on which I was wont to set great store, in-room for the present new edifice, and noticing four asmuch as I had at odd moments amused myself circular hollows on the rim, suggested that the by colouring all the illustrations therein contained, ancient cover or canopy of the font probably sprang and correcting and adding to the index, which is from them or fitted into them. Nay," said the very imperfect. The book is Boutell's Heraldry, venerable rector; “my people say that they were 1863 edition, published by Winsor & Newton, caused by scraping away the stone ; dust from the in a blue-coloured binding, which had ny book- church font mixed in water and drunk early in the plate pasted in it. I have missed it for the last morning being considered a cure for the ague.” five or six years, and should be much obliged to

THOMAS NORTH, F.S.A. whoever has borrowed it to return it.

Llanfairfeohan. D. G. CARY ELWES. 9, The Crescent, Bedford.

A CURE FOR THE KING's Evil.--I was ferried

across the Dart on June 17 last by a man about « L'ALLEGRO” MISPOINTED. One looks for sixty years of age, who had always lived in the extreme accuracy in works printed at the Clarendon same village, on the right bank of the river. He Press, and I have therefore been surprised to find told me that in his childhood he had the “ king's in the Oxford edition of Milton's Poems (2 vols. evil”; and his parents, having tried all the 1876) such punctuation in L'Allegro as defies all doctors in the district, but without the least grammatical construction. A full stop is put after advantage, were at length prevailed on to place the words “eglantine," "shrill," and dight," a dead toad in a silk case, and to cover that with whereas there should be none till we come to broad tape. "This," said my informant, “I put “dale” (1. 68). From "Come and trip it” (33) to on when I was nine, and I wore it on the pit of “ dale" is oné long sentence. Another full stop is my stomach, round my neck, for ten years; and placed after “rivers wide" (76), and “ Towers" it made a perfect cure. I've to bless the day being thus made to begin a new sentence, “it when I first wore that toad." can refer to nothing; whereas "it sees"

WM. PENGELLY. really refers to "mine eye" (69). There ought to Torquay.

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