Internationaler amerikanisten-kongress: vierzehnte tagung, Volumes 1-2

W. Kohlhammer, 1906

Vanuit het boek

Populaire passages

Pagina lvii - Der Donner rast in seinem Arm, Er ist des Landes Stern. Drum ihr dort außen in der Welt, Die Nasen eingespannt! Auch manchen Mann, auch manchen Held, Im Frieden gut und stark im Feld, Gebar das Schwabenland.
Pagina 127 - It is habitually found that the theory of Animism divides into two great dogmas, forming parts of one consistent doctrine ; first, concerning souls of individual creatures, capable of continued existence after the death or destruction of the body ; second, concerning other spirits, upward to the rank of powerful deities.
Pagina 70 - Sicherheit, dass sie von dieser Insel kam, entweder als bei der Rückkehr des Admirals Don Christöbal Colon mit den Nachrichten von der Entdeckung Westindiens die ersten Indianer kamen, welche ich selbst in Sevilla sah, oder es waren bereits einige Spanier mit dieser Krankheit behaftet bei der ersten Rückkehr nach Kastilien. Und da um diese Zeit der König Karl von Frankreich mit einem grossen Heere nach Italien ging, um Neapel zu erobern, und sich jene ansteckende Krankheit unter dem Heere verbreitete,...
Pagina 351 - American archeology without loss, if not to possible advantage. The simplest forms of stone implements occur everywhere in association with the most highly developed forms, and neolithic forms are reported from formations of nearly all periods back to the earliest that have been observed. In America, especially North America, we have sought almost in vain to establish a definite chronology of man and culture. Evidence of antiquity is not wanting, but when we try to adjust the phenomena to the geological...
Pagina 348 - America. We have there a vast body of material covering every stage from the very beginning of stone-shaping up to full relief and realistic portrayal of the human subject. No people known to us has within the culture range of the Americans shown such versatility and power with the hammer and chisel ; none has embodied in stone a mythology so rich in imagery, including as it does forms of men, beasts, monsters, and cosmic phenomena in greatest variety.
Pagina 522 - The moving and placing of such monoliths point to a dense population, to an organized government, and consequently to a large area under cultivation, with arrangements for the conveyance of supplies from various directions. There must have been an organization combining skill and intelligence with power and administrative ability.
Pagina 71 - Tatsache bekunden, dass die Syphilis amerikanischen Ursprungs ist. Und zwar war die Syphilis auf Haiti der unselige Urquell, aus dem sich dann alsbald das Gift in solchen Strömen über Europa und die ganze alte Welt ergoss. Bezüglich der Syphilis auf Ha'iti ist uns noch ein interessanter Bericht des Hieronymitenpaters Roman Pane erhalten, der in der »Historia del Almirante de las Indias Don Christöval Colön
Pagina 344 - ... the Old World. The stone age and the red race stand practically alone within the field of study. In America the high-water mark of culture barely reached the lower limit of civilization.
Pagina 607 - Schipibo, del Ucayali, que es el mismo que el Pacaguara del Beni y Madre de Dios. Este es un dialecto de la lengua Pana, que es la lengua general del Huallaga, del Ucayali y de sus afluentes.
Pagina xiv - Professor of the Semitic languages and Director of the Oriental Seminary in the John Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md., Honorary Curator of the Division of Historic Archaeology in the US National Museum, Washington, DC ; Baltimore, Md.

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