Bibliotheca Germano-glottica oder Versuch einer Literatur der Alterthümer, der Sprachen und Völkerschaften der Reiche, germanischen Ursprungs und germanischer Beymischung

Perthes & Besser, 1817 - 100 pagina's
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Pagina 72 - Compleat View | of the | Manners, Customs, Arms, Habits, &c. | of the | Inhabitants of England, | from the arrival of the Saxons, | till the Reign of Henry the Eighth.
Pagina 49 - Mythology and Rites of the British Druids, ascertained by National Documents ; and compared with the General Traditions and Customs of Heathenism, as illustrated by the most eminent Antiquaries of our age : with an Appendix containing Ancient Poems and Extracts, with some Remarks on Ancient British Coins ; royal 8vo.
Pagina 68 - British topography : or an historical account of what has been done for illustrating the topographical antiquities of Great Britain and Ireland. 2 vols. London, 1780. 4°. This is a much enlarged edition of his " Anecdotes of British topography,
Pagina 92 - Considérations sur l'état de la peinture en Italie, dans les quatre siècles qui ont précédé celui de Raphaël...
Pagina 79 - L'Innocence du premier âge en France, ou Histoire amoureuse de Pierre le Long et de Blanche Bazu , suivie de la Rosé, ou la Fête de Salency.
Pagina 69 - History of Lincoln, containing an Account of the Antiquities, Edifices, Trade, and Customs, of that Ancient City, an Introductory Sketch of the County, &c. with Plates. Small 8vo, 7s ; large paper, 10s 6d Historical Memoirs of Barbary.
Pagina 57 - Albyn's Anthology ; or, a Select Collection of the Melodies and Vocal Poetry, peculiar to Scotland and the Isles, hitherto unpublished.
Pagina 57 - Scotish verse By John Barbour. The First Genuine Edition, Published from a MS. dated 1489 ; With Notes and a Glossary By J.
Pagina 65 - Recreation. Containing several! pieces of poetique wit. By Sir JM and and Ja. S., 1656. And wit restor'd in severall select poems (not Formerly publish't), 1658. Wits recreations, selected from the finest fancies of modern muses with a thousand outlandish proverbs.
Pagina 74 - Recherches sur les origines celtiques principalement sur celles du Bugey, considéré comme berceau du delta celtique. Paris , 1798 et 1808, 2 vol.

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