Maimonides and the Shaping of the Jewish Canon

Cambridge University Press, 27 okt. 2014 - 319 pagina's
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Jewish thought since the Middle Ages can be regarded as a sustained dialogue with Moses Maimonides, regardless of the different social, cultural, and intellectual environments in which it was conducted. Much of Jewish intellectual history can be viewed as a series of engagements with him, fueled by the kind of "Jewish" rabbinic and esoteric writing Maimonides practiced. This book examines a wide range of theologians, philosophers, and exegetes who share a passionate engagement with Maimonides, assaulting, adopting, subverting, or adapting his philosophical and jurisprudential thought. This ongoing enterprise is critical to any appreciation of the broader scope of Jewish law, philosophy, biblical interpretation, and Kabbalah. Maimonides's legal, philosophical, and exegetical corpus became canonical in the sense that many subsequent Jewish thinkers were compelled to struggle with it in order to advance their own thought. As such, Maimonides joins fundamental Jewish canon alongside the Bible, the Talmud, and the Zohar.

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What Constitutes
Loving God Rabbinically
Launching the Kabbalistic Assault
The Akedah of Faith vs the Akedah
The Aimlessness of Philosophy
Reorienting Maimonides Scriptural
A New Religion of Reason Out
Loving God Strictly
A Kabbalistic Reinvention
General Index
Index of Modern Authors

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Over de auteur (2014)

James A. Diamond holds an endowed chair in Jewish Studies at the University of Waterloo, Ontario. He is a leading authority on medieval Jewish thought and philosophy, and his studies have been published widely in all the prominent journals in the fields of Jewish studies, religious studies, and philosophy. His previous two books each garnered the Canadian Jewish Book Award for best scholarly book in the field of Jewish studies, and his last book on Maimonides and the Outsider was chosen in 2008 as a Notable Selection by the Jordan Schnitzer Book Awards in the Category of Philosophy and Jewish Thought for best book in the previous four years.

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