Education for Public Democracy

SUNY Press, 1 jan. 1997 - 195 pagina's
Examines the kinds of school structures and educational practices that nurture the development of young people as public, democratic citizens.

Education for Public Democracy identifies two competing traditions of American democracy and citizenship: a dominant, privately-oriented citizenship tradition and an alternative tradition of public democratic citizenship. Based on the second tradition, public democracy, the author outlines a set of qualities an effective democratic citizen must possess, as well as a number of ideal school practices that promote these qualities in young people. This discussion provides a framework for analyzing two democratic urban alternative high schools.

The book provides an essential bridge between democratic theory and promising school practices that promote public democratic citizenship. Its insights will be indispensable to teachers, school administrators, teacher educators, and theorists who seek to recreate American education in the service of a revitalized democracy.


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Over de auteur (1997)

David T. Sehr teaches English to new immigrant students at Clifton High School in Clifton, New Jersey. He is the former Director of the Center for Educational Change at Brooklyn College.

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