British Film Institute, 23 mrt. 2006 - 192 pagina's
Tele-Visions: Methods and Concepts in Television Studies has been specifically designed to offer a comprehensive, authoritative, accessible, and lively introduction to the subject of television studies. Written by many of the leading international figures in the field, it covers all the major issues, debates, key terms, histories and methodologies that make up this exciting new area of expertise. Skillfully illuminated through actual programs, detailed case studies, and recommended readings, it offers invaluable insights into how television is produced, broadcast, controlled, consumed, and critically examined. From textual analysis to audience studies; from studying drama to studying documentary; from policy and regulation to regionality and globalization; from authorship to ideology; from modernism to postmodernism; from aesthetics to fandom; from histories to futures; this book offers an expansive and clearly structured account of both how and why we study television.

Unapologetically ambitious, Tele-Visions both explains and expands our knowledge of the subject, clarifying traditional areas of debate while also setting out new agendas and critical possibilities. It is an essential book for anyone studying television and the media today.

Fully illustrated--it includes selected reading guides and full bibliographies that will help students at all levels.

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TV Form and Aesthetics John Ellis
Issues and Methods in Textual
Issues of Ideology and Discourse Glen Creeber

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Glen Creeber is a senior lecturer in film and television studies at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth. His books include Dennis Potter, Between Two Worlds (1998) and Serial Television: Big Drama on the Small Screen (bfi 2004). He is also editor of The Television Genre Book (bfi 2001), and 50 Key Television Programs (2004).

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