The Cruise of the Betsey; Or, A Summer Ramble Among the Fossiliferous Deposits of the Hebrides: With Rambles of a Geologist; Or, Ten Thousand Miles Over the Fossiliferous Deposits of Scotland

T. Constable and Company, 1858 - 486 pagina's
From 1840 Miller was based in Edinburgh, where he was the founding editor of "The Witness" newspaper. This is his account of his summer breaks from journalism, seeking out fossils around Scotland in all weather conditions. It was written for publication in "The Witness". He often adopts a personal and autobiographical strain in his writing, illuminating observations with anecdotes from his own experiences. His style was influenced by his favourite boyhood authors, 18th-century writers such as Addison and Pope. The preface alludes to the tragic circumstances surrounding Miller's untimely death before the first publication of this work.

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Pagina 213 - Beyond the shadow of the ship I watched the water-snakes; • They moved in tracks of shining white; And when they reared, the elfish light Fell off in hoary flakes. Within the shadow of the ship I watched their rich attire — Blue, glossy green, and velvet black, They coiled and swam; and every track Was a flash of golden fire.
Pagina 485 - Land of the whirlpool, — torrent, — foam, Where oceans meet in madd'ning shock ; The beetling cliff, — the shelving holm, — The dark insidious rock. Land of the bleak,— the treeless moor, — The sterile mountain, sered and riven, — The shapeless cairn, the ruined tower, Scathed by the bolts of heaven, — The yawning gulf, — the treacherous sand, — I love thee still, MY NATIVE LAND.
Pagina 210 - Europe, in which there was any thing new or strange to be seen; nay\ to such a degree was my curiosity raised, that having read the controversies of some great men concerning the antiquities of Egypt, I made a voyage to Grand Cairo, on purpose to take the measure of a pyramid...
Pagina 480 - The wind thus petitioned for was sure, she said, to arrive, though occasionally the mariners had to wait some time for it. The woman's dwelling and appearance were not unbecoming her pretensions: her house, which was on the brow of the steep hill on which Stromness is founded, was only accessible by a series of dirty and precipitous lanes, and for exposure might have been the abode of Eolus himself, in whose commodities the inhabitant dealt. She herself was, as she told us, nearly one hundred years...
Pagina 71 - When the flood after the storm subsided, there were found on that place, and the shores adjacent, 1840 sheep, nine black cattle, three horses, two men, one woman, forty-five dogs, and one hundred and eighty hares, besides a number of meaner animals.
Pagina 9 - Rocks that two or three men could not lift," say the Messrs Anderson of Inverness, in describing the storms of Orkney, " are •washed about even on the tops of cliffs which are between sixty and a hundred feet above the surface of the sea when smooth ; and detached masses of rock, of an enormous size, are well known to have been carried a considerable distance between low and high-water mark." " A little way from the Brough...
Pagina 58 - I struck it obliquely with my foot, where the surface lay dry and incoherent in the sun, and the sound elicited was a shrill sonorous note, somewhat resembling that produced by a waxed thread, when tightened between the teeth and the hand, and tipped by the nail of the forefinger.

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