Posthumous Works of the Author of A Vindication of the Rights of Woman ...


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Pagina 87 - I consider fidelity and constancy as two distinct things ; yet the former is necessary to give life to the other, and such a degree of respect do I think due to myself, that, if only probity, which is a good thing in its place, brings you back, never return ! — for if a wandering of the heart, or even a caprice of the imagination detains you, there is an end of all my hopes of happiness. I could not forgive it if I would.
Pagina 7 - I shall be at peace. When you receive this, my burning head will be cold. I would encounter a thousand deaths, rather than a night like the last. Your treatment has thrown my mind into a state of chaos ; yet I am serene. I go to find comfort, and my only fear is, that my poor body will be insulted by an endeavour to recall my hated existence.
Pagina 20 - My affection for you is rooted in my heart. I know you are not what you now seem, nor will you always act or feel as you now do, though I may never be comforted by the change. Even at Paris, my image will haunt you. You will see my pale face, and sometimes the tears of anguish will drop on your heart, which you have forced from mine. I cannot write. I thought...
Pagina 39 - But, if the aristocracy of birth is levelled with the ground, only to make room for that of riches, I am afraid that the morals of the people will not be much improved by the change, or the government rendered less venal.
Pagina 177 - Otaheite,2 love cannot be known, where the obstacles to irritate an indiscriminate appetite, and sublimate the simple sensations of desire till they mount to passion, are never known. There a man or woman cannot love the very person they ought not to have loved — nor does jealousy ever fan the flame. 6. It has frequently been observed, that, when women have an object in view, they pursue it with more steadiness than men, particularly love.
Pagina 26 - Amongst the feathered race, whilst the hen keeps the young warm, her mate stays by to cheer her ; but it is sufficient for man to condescend to get a child, in order to claim it. A man is a tyrant...
Pagina 10 - Pardon then the vagaries of a mind that has been almost " crazed by care," as well as " crossed in hapless love," and bear with me a little longer ! When we are settled in the country together, more duties will open before me, and my heart, which now, trembling into peace, is agitated by every emotion that awakens the remembrance of old griefs, will learn to rest on yours, with that 'dignity your character, not to talk of my own, demands.
Pagina 4 - But, good-night ! God bless you ! Sterne says that is equal to a kiss — yet I would rather give you the kiss into the bargain, glowing with gratitude to Heaven, and affection to you. I like the word affection, because it signifies something habitual ; and we are soon to meet, to try whether we have mind enough to keep our hearts warm.
Pagina 184 - But for this child, I would lay my head on one of them, and never open my eyes again ! " With a heart feelingly alive to all the affections of my nature, I have never met with one softer than the stone that I would fain take for my last pillow.
Pagina 11 - I want not such vulgar comfort, nor will I accept it. I never wanted but your heart — That gone, you have nothing more to give. Had I only poverty to fear, I should not shrink from life. Forgive me then, if I say, that I shall consider any direct or indirect attempt to supply my necessities, as an insult which I have not merited, and as rather done out of tenderness for your own reputation, than for me.

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