The Building in the Text: Alberti to Shakespeare and Milton

Penn State Press, 2001 - 194 pagina's

In The Building in the Text, Roy Eriksen shows that Renaissance writers conceived of their texts in accordance with architectural principles. His approach opens the way to wide-ranging discussions of the structure and meaning of a variety of literary texts and also provides new insights into the famed architectural ekphrases of Alberti and Vasari.

Analyzing such words as &"plot,&" &"topos,&" &"fabrica,&" and &"stanza,&" Eriksen discloses the fundamental spatial symmetries and complexities in the writings of Ariosto, Shakespeare, and Milton, among other major figures. Ultimately, his book uncovers and clarifies a tradition of literary architecture that is rooted in antiquity and based on correspondences regarded as ordering principles of the cosmos.

Eriksen&’s book will be of interest to art historians, historians of literature, and those concerned with the classical heritage, rhetoric, music, and architecture.

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Architecture and the Art of Plotting 1
Latin Paraclausithyra 25
Representing Brunelleschis Dome 49 3
79 4
111 5
Ariosto Tasso and Milton 129 6

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Over de auteur (2001)

Roy Eriksen is Professor of Interdisciplinary Italian Renaissance Studies at the University of Oslo in Rome.

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