The Southern Medical and Surgical Journal, Volume 11

J. McCafferty, 1855

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Pagina 449 - Members of the Committee are requested to notify the Chairman of their intention to be present at this meeting. The Committee...
Pagina 230 - These sweat glands are most numerous in the palms of the hands and soles of the feet, and...
Pagina 155 - Without any direct action upon the head, it gradually approaches the superior strait, falls into the opening, and will, in all probability, adjust itself as a favorable vertex presentation. If not, the head may be acted upon as in deviated positions of the vertex, or it may be grasped, brought into the strait, and placed in correspondence with one of the oblique diameters.
Pagina 390 - When thou sittest to eat with a ruler, consider diligently what is before thee: and put a knife to thy throat, if thou be a man given to appetite.
Pagina 513 - The use of almond-oil and of olive-oil was not followed by any remedial effect, but from cocoa-nut oil results were obtained almost as decided as from the oil of the liver of the Cod, and the author believes it may turn out to be a useful substitute.
Pagina 504 - A soft humming in the ears is heard; a sense of tingling steals over the body, and in a few seconds complete unconsciousness and insensibility supervene, and continue so long as the pressure is maintained.
Pagina 513 - The whole quantity abstracted having been weighed, the coagulum was drained on bibulous paper for four or five hours, weighed, and divided into two portions. One portion was weighed, and then dried in a water-oven, to determine the water. The other was macerated in cold water until it became colorless, then moderately dried, and digested with ether and alcohol, to remove fat ; and, finally, dried completely, and weighed as fibrin. From the respective weights of the fibrin, and the dry clot, that...
Pagina 505 - ... to prevent pain in such small operations as the extraction of a tooth or the opening of an abscess. Whether the compression can be continued with safety sufficiently long to make it available in larger operations, has to be ascertained.
Pagina 238 - Ignorance and credulity have ever been companions, and have misled and enslaved mankind ; philosophy has in all ages endeavored to oppose their progress, and to loosen the shackles they had imposed : philosophers have on this account been called unbelievers : unbelievers of what ? of the fictions of fancy, of witchcraft, hobgoblins, apparitions, vampires, fairies ; of the influence of stars on human actions, miracles wrought by the bones of...
Pagina 248 - WHAT TO OBSERVE AT THE BEDSIDE AND AFTER DEATH, IN MEDICAL CASES. Published under the authority of the London Society for Medical Observation. A new American, from the second and revised LondoL edition.

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