The History of Rome, Volumes 1-2

Lea & Blanchard, 1844

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Pagina 121 - Larentia, his wife, became their foster-mother. They grew up, along with her twelve sons, on the Palatine Hill, in straw huts which they built for themselves. That of Romulus was preserved by continual repairs, as a sacred relic, down to the time of Nero. They were the stoutest of the shepherd lads, — fought bravely against wild beasts and robbers, maintaining their right against every one by their might, and turning might into right. Their booty they shared with their comrades. The followers of...
Pagina 121 - Amulius ordered that the mother and her babes should be drowned in the river. In the Anio Silvia exchanged her earthly life for that of a goddess. The river carried the bole or cradle, in which the children were lying, into the Tiber, which had overflowed its banks far and wide, even to the foot of the woody hills. At the root of a wild fig-tree, the...

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