English and Scottish ballads, selected and ed. by F.J. Child, Volume 2

Francis James Child
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Pagina 50 - O, cocks are crowing a merry midnight, I wot the wild fowls are boding day ; Give me my faith and troth again, And let me fare me on my way.
Pagina 51 - Is there ony room at your head, Saunders? Is there ony room at your feet? Or ony room at your side, Saunders, Where fain, fain, I wad sleep?' 'There's nae room at my head, Marg'ret, There's nae room at my feet; My bed it is fu' lowly now, Amang the hungry worms I sleep.
Pagina 246 - For I'm weary wi hunting, and fain wald lie down." " OI fear ye are poisond, Lord Randal, my son! OI fear ye are poisond, my handsome young man!
Pagina 207 - I wish I were where Helen lies ! Night and day on me she cries ; And I am weary of the skies, For her sake that died for me.
Pagina 207 - Curst be the heart that thought the thought, And curst the hand that fired the shot, When in my arms burd Helen dropt, And died to succour me ! 0 think na ye my heart was sair, When my love dropt down and spak nae mair There did she swoon wi' meikle care, On fair Kirconnell Lee.
Pagina 114 - Rise up, rise up, now, Lord Douglas,' she says, 'And put on your armour so bright; Let it never be said that a daughter of thine Was married to a lord under night. 'Rise up, rise up, my seven bold sons, And put on your armour so bright, And take better care of your youngest sister, For your eldest's awa the last night.
Pagina 123 - LORD THOMAS and Fair Annet Sate a' day on a hill ; Whan night was cum, and sun was sett, They had not talkt their fill. 2 Lord Thomas said a word in jest, Fair Annet took it ill : ' A, I will nevir wed a wife Against my ain friends
Pagina 154 - He sent his man down through the town, To the place where she was dwelling; " O haste and come to my master dear, Gin ye be Barbara Allan.
Pagina 115 - For your strokes they are wondrous sair; True lovers I can get many a ane, But a father I can never get mair.
Pagina 140 - But ne'er came alive in't again. When day was gone, and night was come, And all men fast asleep, Then came the spirit of Fair Marg'ret, And stood at Williams feet. 20 " Are you awake, sweet William ? " shee said, " Or, sweet William, are you asleep ? God give you joy of your gay bride-bed, And me of my winding sheet.

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