The American Flower Garden Directory: Containing Practical Directions for the Culture of Plants in the Flower Garden, Hot-house, Garden-house, Rooms, Or Parlour Windows, for Every Month in the Year ... Instructions for Erecting a Hot-house, Green-house, and Laying Out a Flower Garden. Also, Table of Soils Most Congenial to the Plants Contained in the Work. The Whole Adapted to Either Large Or Small Gardens, with Instructions for Preparing the Soil, Propagating, Planting, Pruning, Training, and Fruiting the Grape Vine. With Descriptions of the Best Sorts for Cultivating in the Open Air

Carey & Hart, 1839 - 383 pagina's

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Pagina 294 - There is also a long low table covered with mats, on which the leaves are laid, and rolled by workmen, who sit round it: the iron pan being heated to a certain degree by a little fire made in the furnace underneath, a few pounds of the...
Pagina 173 - ... species, which should be repotted once in two years, and never be allowed to shrink for want of moisture. The operation of grafting is very simple, merely requiring an incision to be made, and fitting in it a fresh cutting of another kind, holding the cutting stationary in the incision half a minute, till the juices of the two adhere together, when it may be said the union is effected, and, in a few weeks, the new branches will grow freely. We have seen the Mamrr.illaria tribe growing neatly...

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