I.N.L.A - Deadly Divisions

Poolbeg Press Ltd, 29 jun 2016 - 500 pagina's

 The Irish National Liberation Army was one of the most ruthless terrorist organisations during the troubles in Northern Ireland. Formed in 1974 as a splinter group of the Official IRA, the INLA's campaign of murder throughout the 1970s and 1980s included such notorious acts as the bombing of the Droppin' Well in Derry in 1982 and, perhaps most infamously, the kidnapping and mutilation of Dublin dentist by former member, the "Border Fox". 

Many of their leading members found death at the end of a gun, including founder members Seamus Costello and Ronnie Bunting, and leader Dominic McGlinchey. The INLA were also involved in numerous bloody feuds and splits. This new revised edition of a classic book brings the INLA story right up to date, featuring the 1997 killing of LVF leader Billy "King Rat" Wright; their 1998 ceasefire; their continuing involvement in punishment attacks and criminal activities; and their declaration, in October 2009, that their armed campaign was finally over.


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