Worship As a Lifestyle

AuthorHouse, 28 apr. 2006 - 156 pagina's

Worship As A Lifestyle is the anecdote to the symptoms of longing for a wonderful, healthy relationship with God. If you have felt alienated from the Father or felt that you were too low for him to get to, this book is for you. This book leads you to a basic foundation of intimacy with the Lord. Through the writings on these pages, you will undress from shame, rejection, insecurity, and the lies that sin has put on you. You will be forgiven and cleansed by the hand of the Father. He will clothe you with his love and righteousness, and will wrap you in his arms of safety.

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Over de auteur (2006)

Toni L. Graham was born in 1971. She is a native of Detroit, Michigan. She graduated from Northwestern High School in 1989. Toni began her walk with the Lord Jesus Christ in 1992. She accepted Christ and began a now 13-year journey.†

At New Mount Moriah Baptist Church, she participated and assisted in the young adults and children’s Sunday school classes. Toni also enjoyed teaching vacation Bible school.

In about 1996, Toni joined Straight Gate Church in Detroit. It is here that she took several nine-month courses to build a strong foundation in her Christian faith.

Toni is now an ordained minister of Colorado Christian Fellowship. She has pioneered a spiritual foundation course at Colorado Christian Fellowship, where she is currently teaching.

Her desire is that every man and woman experiences the wonderful, unique love of God the Father.

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