The Gardener's Magazine and Register of Rural & Domestic Improvement, Volume 3;Volume 13

Longman, Rees, Orome, Brown and Green, 1837

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Pagina xvi - Residence, or of a situation on which to form one ; the Arrangement and Furnishing of the House; and the Laying-out, Planting, and general Management of the Garden and Grounds ; the whole adapted for grounds from one perch to fifty acres and upwards in extent ; intended for the instruction of those who know little of Gardening or Rural Affairs, and more particularly for the use of Ladies.
Pagina 604 - The parterre is indeed of box, but so rarely designed and accurately kept cut, that the embroidery makes a wonderful effect to the lodgings which front it.
Pagina 517 - The heav'n's four quarters on the tender bark, And to the North or South restore the side, Which, at their birth, did heat or cold abide : So strong is custom ; such effects can use In tender souls of pliant plants produce.
Pagina 278 - To the cultivators of ornamental plants, the facility of raising hybrid varieties affords an endless source of interest and amusement. He sees in the several species of each genus that he possesses the materials with which he must work, and he considers in what manner he can blend them to the best advantage, looking to the several gifts in which each excels, whether of hardiness to endure our seasons, of brilliancy...
Pagina 287 - L.,) which will sometimes lay an egg in every pea of a pod, and thus destroy it. — Something similar I have been told (I suspect it is a short-snouted weevil) occasionally injures beans. In this country, however, the mischief caused by the Bruchus is seldom very serious; but in North America another species (B. Pisi, L.) is most alarmingly destructive, its ravages being at one time so universal as to put an end in some places to the cultivation of that favourite pulse. No wonder then that...
Pagina 219 - I felt no doubt of its being an entirely distinct plant. Even when Lord Fitzwilliam assured me that it was beyond all doubt an accidental sport of Catasetum tridentatum, I still adhered to my idea that an imported plant of Monachanthus viridis had been accidentally taken for the latter common species. Nor do I think that, as a botanist, I was to be blamed for these errors; the genera being founded upon characters...
Pagina 222 - Camellieae, and of the varieties of Camellia Japonica, cultivated in the gardens of Great Britain; the drawings by Alfred Chandler, the descriptions by William Beattie Booth.
Pagina 511 - ... sentimental natives, to assist the expression of their feelings ; they are offered by the devotee at the shrine of his favourite saint, by the lover at the feet of his mistress, and by the sorrowing survivor at the grave of his friend : whether, in short, on fast days or feast days, on occasion of rejoicing or in moments of distress, these flowers are sought for with an avidity which would seem to say that there was ' no sympathy like theirs;' — thus,
Pagina 210 - ... extremity, becomes a separate plant. In the case of the seeds which germinated on the bark of trees in our garden at Bayswater, the embryos had not separated from the seed on Aug. 15th, the day on which we correct this proof. When the mistletoe germinates on the upper side of a branch, the shoots bend upwards ; but, if they are placed on the under side, they descend : when they are placed on the side of a perpendicular trunk they proceed horizontally, spreading, of course, with the growth of...
Pagina 592 - ... in the world has a more lofty and imposing appearance, whether overtopping its humbler companions in some woody district, or rising in solitary grandeur in some open plain. Even the untutored children of Africa are so struck with the majesty of its appearance, that they designate it the God-tree, and account it sacrilege to injure it with the axe ; so that, not unfrequently, not even the fear of punishment will induce them to cut it down.

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