Journey to the Empty Tomb: Exploring the final week of Jesus' Life

Canterbury Press, 28 mrt. 2014 - 192 pagina's

Journey to the Empty Tomb is the first in a new series from bestselling author Paula Gooder that opens up the best of biblical scholarship.†

It focuses on the events leading up to the first Easter the Gospel accounts of the death and resurrection of Jesus that are at the very heart of the Christian faith. Beginning with the triumphal entry into Jerusalem and ending at the empty tomb, Paula uses her extensive knowledge of the world of the New Testament, its language and culture, to reveal fresh and startling insights and to open up hidden depths in these familiar stories.

Accessible and informed, it is aimed at all who wish to gain a fuller understanding of the Bible's key themes and subjects. It is rooted in the conviction that greater understanding leads to deeper devotion, and will be invaluable for preachers, worship and study group leaders looking for fresh inspiration at a key time in the church's year.†

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Towards Jerusalem and the Temple
The Last Supper
Gethsemane and the Trials
The Crucifixion
The Empty Tomb and Resurrection Appearances
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Over de auteur (2014)

Paula Gooder is one of today's leading religious writers. She is a renowned biblical scholar, a popular speaker, a Reader in the Church of England and a member of its General Synod. She is the author of numerous bestselling titles and is a contributing author to Pilgrim, the new discipleship course from the Church of England.

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