Catalogue of the Printed Books and Manuscripts in the Library of the Royal Institute of British Architects ...

Published at the rooms of the Institute, 1865 - 160 pagina's

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Pagina 129 - THE ELEMENTARY PRINCIPLES OF CARPENTRY : a Treatise on the Pressure and Equilibrium of Timber Framing, the Resistance of Timber, and the Construction of Floors, Arches, Bridges, Roofs, Uniting Iron and Stone with Timber, &c. To which is added an Essay on the Nature and Properties of Timber, &c., with Descriptions of the Kinds of Wood used in Building ; also numerous Tables of the Scantlings of Timber for different purposes, the Specific Gravities of Materials...
Pagina 80 - London's Encyclopaedia of Agriculture: comprising the Laying-out, Improvement, and Management of Landed Property, and the Cultivation and Economy of the Productions of Agriculture. With 1,100 Woodcuts. 8vo. 21s. London's Encyclopaedia of Gardening: comprising the Theory and Practice of Horticulture, Floriculture, Arboriculture, and Landscape Gardening.
Pagina 73 - Description de Paris et de ses édifices, avec un précis historique et des observations sur le caractère de leur architecture, et sur les principaux objets d'art et de curiosité qu'ils renferment...
Pagina 121 - Illustrated. is. 6d. 116. THE ACOUSTICS OF PUBLIC BUILDINGS; or, The Principles of the Science of Sound applied to the purposes of the Architect and Builder.
Pagina 10 - Cours d'Architecture, qui comprend les Ordres de Vignole, avec des Commentaires, les Figures et Descriptions de ses plus beaux...
Pagina 123 - Olympia or Topography illustrative of the actual state of the Plain of Olympia and of the Ruins of the City of Elis, published by John Murray in 1817.
Pagina 74 - Lettres d'un antiquaire à un artiste sur l'emploi de la peinture historique murale dans la décoration des temples et des autres édifices publics...
Pagina 105 - Pye, John: Patronage of British Art, an Historical Sketch: Comprising an Account of the Rise and Progress of Art and Artists in London, from the Beginning of the Reign of George the Second; together with a History of the Society for the Management and Distribution of the Artists' Fund, from its Establishment in 1810, to its Incorporation in 1827, London 1845 Ritter, Karl: Die Colonisation von Neu-Seeland.
Pagina 15 - The chronology and history of the world, from the creation to the year of Christ 1753.

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