An Introduction to the Knowledge of Rare and Valuable Editions of the Greek and Latin Classics: Including the Scriptores de Re Rustica, Greek Romances, and Lexicons and Grammars: to which is Added a Complete Index Analyticus: the Whole Proceded by an Account of Polyglot Bibles,and the Best Editions of the Greek Septuagint and Testament

W. Dwyer, 1804 - 571 pagina's

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Pagina 154 - I have seen in the curious library of Dr. Mead, and I dare affirm, that whoever examines the whiteness and strength of the paper, the fineness of the character, the elegant disposition of the matter, the exact distance between the lines, the large margin, and, in short, the whole performance, with its various ornaments, will easily own it a masterpiece in that kind.
Pagina 185 - Horace, in 1725, is by far the best edition of Horace ever published *. I have read it many times through, and know its singular worth. ' England has not produced a more, elegant and judicious critic than Mr. Baxter.
Pagina 34 - The editio princeps of Aristotle is unquestionably one of the most splendid and lasting monuments of the productions of the Aldine press...
Pagina 188 - Edition." The sheets as they were printed were hung up in the College of Glasgow, and a reward offered to any who should discover an inaccuracy. Notwithstanding all the care taken, some inaccuracies exist, a list of which will be found in the last edition of " Dibdin's Introduction to the Classics.
Pagina xiii - This incomparable work will always be esteemed, as containing an interesting account of the treasures of antient learning.
Pagina 18 - It is not without the most sincere regret, that I must now take leave of an accurate and faithful guide, who has composed the history of his own times, without indulging the prejudices and passions, which usually affect the mind of a contemporary.
Pagina xx - Polyglott, yet there is no one book in the whole Bible printed in so many. In the New Testament, the four evangelists are in six languages; the other books only in five; and those of Judith and the Maccabees only in three.
Pagina xx - D i in my undertaking, partners* in my toil ; but some of them are now no more, and others have abandoned me, alarmed at the immensity of the undertaking. ' I am now, therefore, left alone, without amanuensis or corrector, far advanced in years, with my patrimony exhausted, my bodily and mental strength impaired, and my eye-sight almost gone...
Pagina 270 - Burman, by his immense erudition and critical sagacity, hath so wonderfully illustrated this difficult writer, that it is almost impossible for the best scholar to read Petronius in any other edition.
Pagina xxxviii - I. 60, 61), thatStunica, having found Cardinal Ximenes reading Erasmus's edition of the New Testament, expressed his surprise, that his Eminence should vouchsafe even to cast a look upon a work, so full, as he termed it, of faults and monstrous errors...

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