From Thomas Campbell to Marquis of Lorne

Harper & brothers, 1876
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Pagina 18 - The spirits of your fathers Shall start from every wave! — For the deck it was their field of fame, And ocean was their grave. Where Blake and mighty Nelson fell, Your manly hearts shall glow, As ye sweep through the deep, While the stormy winds do blow — While the battle rages loud and long, And the stormy winds do blow.
Pagina 18 - I'm the chief of Ulva's isle, And this, Lord Ullin's daughter. 'And fast before her father's men Three days we've fled together, For should he find us in the glen, My blood would stain the heather. 'His horsemen hard behind us ride — Should they our steps discover, Then who will cheer my bonny bride When they have slain her lover?
Pagina 20 - The sun's eye had a sickly glare ; The earth with age was wan ; The skeletons of nations were Around that lonely man. Some had expired in fight, — the brands Still rusted in their bony hands ; In plague and famine some.
Pagina 21 - ON Linden, when the sun was low, All bloodless lay the untrodden snow, And dark as winter was the flow Of Iser, rolling rapidly. But Linden saw another sight, When the drum beat, at dead of night, Commanding fires of death to light The darkness of her scenery.
Pagina 138 - Man may trouble and distress me, 'Twill but drive me to Thy breast; Life with trials hard may press me, Heaven will bring me sweeter rest; O, 'tis not in grief to harm me, While Thy love is left to me! O, 'twere not in joy to charm me, Were that joy unmixed with Thee...
Pagina 138 - JESUS, I MY CROSS HAVE TAKEN Jesus, I my cross have taken, All to leave and follow thee; Naked, poor, despised, forsaken, Thou from hence my all shalt be. Perish every fond ambition, All I've sought, or hoped, or known; Yet how rich is my condition! God and heaven are still my own.
Pagina 20 - ALL worldly shapes shall melt in gloom, The Sun himself must die, Before this mortal shall assume Its Immortality ! I saw a vision in my sleep, That gave my spirit strength to sweep Adown the gulf of Time ! I saw the last of human mould That shall Creation's death behold, As Adam saw her prime...
Pagina 81 - Emblem, methought, of the departed soul, To whose white robe the gleam of bliss is given; And by the breath of mercy made to roll Right onward to the golden gates of Heaven; Where to the eye of Faith it peaceful lies, And tells to man his glorious destinies.
Pagina 20 - Go, Sun, while Mercy holds me up On Nature's awful waste To drink this last and bitter cup Of grief that man shall taste — Go, tell the night that hides thy face, Thou saw'st the last of Adam's race, On Earth's sepulchral clod, The darkening universe defy To quench his Immortality, Or shake his trust in God ! A DREAM.
Pagina 139 - I need thy presence every passing hour; What but thy grace can foil the tempter's power? Who, like thyself, my guide and stay can be? Through cloud and sunshine, Lord, abide with me.

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