• At you chief

V. 174. Αλλ' αγί, τῳδ' εφες ανδει βέλος 203 of the Verfion. Difpatch an arrow’ vii. 99. Αλλ ̓ ὑμεῖς μεν πανίες ὕδωρ καὶ γαια γενοισθε Ημενοι αυθ' έκασοι ακηρίοι, ακλες ἁπλῶς. • Daftards, deaf to glory's call Rot where ye fit.’. viii. 218. Ει μη επι φρεσι θηκ' Αγαμεμνονι ποίνια Ηρη, Αείῳ ποιπνυσαν, θεως οτρυναν Αχαιες. • But Juno mov’d the mind Of Agamemnon, vigilant himfelf, Το exhortation of Achaia's hoft.

Verf. 111.

Verf. 250.

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xiii. 11. Και γαρ ὁ θαυμάζων ἦσο πλολεμον τε μάχην τι Verf. 16. · The fir

Admiring thence and tempeft of the field.'
1b. 114. ̔Ημεας γ' όπως εςι μεθιέμεναι πολέμοιο.
Verf. 142.
Ye at leaft the fight decline,
Blameworthy, and with no fufficient plea.’
xvii. 122, γύμνον is, we think, vulgarly tranflated • bare.
Verf. 145·
My gallant Ajax, hafte, come quickly, ftrive


With me to rescue for Achilles' fake

His friend, though bare, for Hector hath his arms.'
Ib. 157. οίον τ' ανδρας επερχεται, οἱ περὶ πάλμης ́
Ανδρασι δυσμενέσσι πονον καὶ δειν εθόντου

Verf. 191.

fuch as in the breaft refides Of lab'rers in their country's dear behalf.'

xviii. 306.

Verf. 377·

8 μιν εγωγε

Φεύξομαι εκ πολεμοιο δυσηχέος, αλλα μαλ' αύτην

The epithet δυσηχεος is happily rendered deep-toned, but the paffage ends miferably in Mr. C.'s tranflation—

I fhall not for his fake

Avoid the deep-toned battle, but will firm
Oppofe his utmost.'.

The defcription of Vulcan leaving his forge, and dreffing to receive the vifit of Thetis, is not remarkable for its delicacy in the original: but, in the hands of Mr. C., it degenerates, we think, into coarte vulgarity:

xviii. 414. Σπογίῳ δ' αμφι πρόσωπα, και αμφωχειρία απομοργού, Αυχεία τε ςιβαροί, καὶ σήθεα λαχνηινία

Δε δὲ χίων' ἐλε δὲ σκηπῖρον παχύ βη δε θύραζε


Verf. 511. “ Then, all around with a wet fponge be wiped

His vifage, and his arms and brawny neck
Purified, and his fhaggy breaft from smutch;
Laft, putting on his veft, he took in hand
His liurdy faff, and fhufted through the door.”

xxi. 282. Ερχθέντ' εν μεγάλῳ πλαμῳ, ὡς παιδα συφορβονο Verf. 334·

Odyffey, i. 216.

Verf. 270.

xxxiii. 426. Αντιλοχ' αφραδέως ίππαζεαι

Verf. 532.

Whelm'd in deep waters like a fwineherd's boy Drown'd in wet weather while he fords a brook.'

Iliad, v. 85.


• Antilochus, at what a madman's rate
Driv't thou'-

ii. 146. τω δ' αιετω ευρύοπα Ζευς Υψόθεν εκ κορυφης ορεός προέηκε πελεσθαι. Verf. 200. • The thund’rer from a lofty mountain-top Turn'd off two eagles'.

iv. 471. Ως εφαμεν· ὁ δὲ μ ̓ αὖτις αμειβόμενος προσέειπεν Verf. 573· • So I—when thus the old one of the waves.” xiv. 412. Κλαγη δ' ασπείος ωρίο συων αυλιζομεναίων. Verf. 500. .. And loud The bubbub was of fwine prifon'd within.' xvii. 78. Πειραι ο γαρ τ' ιδμεν όπως εται ταδε εργα. Verf. 94· Piræus, wait, for I not yet foresee The uphot.”


Verf. 75·

- γας πω τις ἑον γονον αυλος ανεγνώ
. fince no mortal knows

xviii. 27. Γρηϊ καμένοι ισοςVerf. 33.

κ. 383.

xi. 755. Verf. 913.

His derivation..

.. like an old hag Collied with chimney fmutch.'

ν. 330.

Verf. 379·

- He, fierce in arms,


Purfu'd the Cyprian goddefs, confcious aubon.” Ib. 395. Τλη δ Αΐδης εν τοισι πελώριος

Verf. 461. e Nor fuffer'd Pluto lefs, of all the gods

Gigantic moft’

• Pedrus, whom, altho’ his fpurious fon
Antenor's wife, to gratify her lord,
Had cherish'd as her own, him Meges flew."
· ὁ δὲ Κυπριν επωχείο τηλεῖ χαλκῷ

Γιγνωσκων δι' αναλκις την θεος

vi. 62. -- -ὁ δ ̓ απο έθεν ὡσαλο χειρό

Ηρω' Αδρησον" τον δε κρείων Αγαμεμνων

Ουτα κατα λαπάρην

He with his hand

Thruft back Adraftus, and himfelf, the king,

His bowels pierc'd'.


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Pafs, I will

Their army through”.


επι Β8πρασίες πολυπορε βήσαμεν ἱππες.

- till we our fteeds had driven To the Buprafian fields laden with corn.'

Till we confulted the original, we conceived that the steeds of Neftor, and not the fields of Buprafium, were laden with


xii. 284. Και τ' εφ' Ὧλος πολιης κεχύλαι λιμεσιν τε καὶ ααίαις.
Verf 343.
The ports and fhores,
Receive it alfo of the hoary deep.'

The English reader will not fufpect, at first fight, that our tranflator means to reprefent the ports and fhores of the hoary deep as receiving the shower.

400. Τον δ' Αίας καὶ Τεύκρος ὁμαρτησανθ', ὁ μὲν τῷ


Verf. 489. Then Ajax him and Teucer at one time
Struck both'

xiii. 434. Τον τοθ ̓ ὑπ ̓ Ιδομενηι Ποσειδάων εδαμάσσε

Verf. 533.

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xiv. 419. Χειρος δ ̓ εκβαλεν εγχος, επ' αύλῳ δ' ασπις ἑαφθη Και κορες

Verf. 503.

Him in that moment Neptune by the arm
Quell'd of Idomeneus'

'Hro Te

Verf. 483.

xv. 392. Τοφρ όγ' ενι κλίσι αγαπηνορος Ευρυπύλεια
So long
Patroclus quiet in the tent and calm
Sat of Eurypylus.'-

xvi. 179. Παρθενιος, τον επικλε χορῳ καλη Πολυμηλη
Φύλαντος θυγατηρ

Ver. 214.

Odyffey, xiii. 190.

Down dropp'd his idle fpear,
And with his helmet and his fhield himself


xvii. 118. Θεσπεσιον γαρ σφιν φοβον εμβαλε Φοιβος Απόλλων

Verf. 141.

whofe hearts With terrors irrefiftible himself Phoebus had fill'd.'

Him Polymela graceful in the dance,
And daughter beautiful of Phylas, bore,
A mother unfufpected of a child.'


- αλλ' εκ εν ενί σε παίρος εγκρα

Verf. 240.
But in those arms his fon grew never old.'
xxii. 294.
-8δ' αλλ' εχε μειλινον εγχος.
Verf. 338. For he had other none.'

xxiii. 459. Αλλοι μοι δίκευσι παραθεροι εμμεναι ἵπποι.
Verf. 574.
• The horses, foremost now, to me appear
Other than er'ft'-

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xiv. 18.

- επει προβαλλε συβώτης
Αιει ζατρεφέων σιαλῶν τον αρισον ἁπαίων
Οἱ δε τριακόσιοι τε καὶ ἑξήκονία πελης.
Παρ δε
κύνες, θηρεσσιν εοικυίες, αιεν ιανον
Τέσσαρες, ὃς έδρεψε συβώτης, ορχαμος ανδρων

Verf. 21.

to them he ever fent
The fatteft of his faginated charge.
Three hundred fill and fixty brawns remain’d.
Four mastiffs in adjoining kennel lay,
Refembling wild beafts, nourish'd at the board
Of the illuftrious fteward of the fyes-..
xvi. 204. Ου μεν γαρ τοι ετ' αλλος ελεύσεται ενθαδ' Οδυσσεύς
Verf. 244. Ulyffes, fave myfelf, none comes, be fure-


Ib. 224. Ου μεν γαρ τι σε πεζον οιομαι ενθαδ ̓ ἱκεσθαι.
Verf. 268. For that on foot thou not arriv'dft is fure.'

What is most obviously hoftile, however, to the genius of our language, is the hoft of compound epithets which infeft every page, (frequently even when they are not to be found in the original,) and which leave us almost in doubt whether the verfion be serious or burlesque.

Iliad, vi. 316.

Verf. 385.

xi. 620. Verf. 745.


-vespetorcio yapolog, dream-dealing feer,odnos is
ονειροπόλαιο γεμονίας,
fometimes rendered tempeft-winged, fometimes aving-footed
-eüxvnpides, brazon-mailed-xofubaishos, crest-toffing-xud-
anspor, man ennobling-ixroßeros, fleed-grazed-ayans
Spoil-buntrefs-uns, incenfe-fumed.

θαλαμον, καὶ δώμα, καὶ αυλήν,

Εγγυθι τε Πριάμοιο καὶ Εκληρος, εν πόλει ακρ
chamber it had

xxi. 511.

Verf. 599.

550. Verf.643.

Wide hall, proud dome, and on the heights of Troy, Near-neighb'ring Hector's houfe and Priam's ftood.'" susang, Spear practis'd-four; and ixar, are improperly. as well as inelegantly tranflated, the former radiant-eyed, the latter bow bender-lowoffos, city-wafter.

-οἱ δ' ίδρω απεψύχοντο χρωνων

Their tunics Sweat-imbrued in the cold air
They ventilated'--

dinhoog, wave-whelmed-icons, horfe-breeding.

xii. 128. Yoας ὑπέρθυμες Λαπιθαων αιχμητικών και

Verf. 160.



Ivucpaïsns, foul-divorcing-xxxvwv, robed-prolix. xiv. 13. κλυτος εννοσίγαιος, glorious Peaker of the fores-κυανοχαίης cærulean-trefs'd-deniz daços, lithe-necked—poyos roxos, arbitress of pangs puerperal.

two chiefs they found

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· εὕτεφανος κελαδειν.

The clear-voiced huntress crefcent-crown'd.'

Αχιλλήα πολυπαρθενε
The citywafter hero Achilles."

Verf. 604.

-βαθυδινηενία Σκαμανδρον.

• Scamander's dizzy ftream.'
ποιο δὲ θυμος

xxiii. 597.


Verf. 740. Who with heart-frefh'ning joy the prize received.'

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i. 101. Biowapn is most improperly rendered, Jove born goddess. 130. ες θρόνον ας υπο δὲ θρηνες πισιν a footflool'd throne'--asa fleɣapa σκιο:νία κα

Verf. 163.


365. Verf. 459.

through the palace dark-bedimm'd iii. 495. πdiov пupn@opor, a corn-invefted land. viii. 137. —αλλα κάμοισι συνερρηκται πολέεσσιν. Verf. 167. --though batter'd he appears With num'rous troubles, and misfortune-flaw'd.' xii. 14. &pov #λnσ1510v, a canvas-ftretching breeze. xxii. 481. Destov xaxwv axos, blast-averting fulphur. xxiii. 299. μsyapa oxiola, tawilight edifice. xxiv. 66. —— Enixas Bu; ——

-- with many a pastur'd ox moon-horn’d.”

We now proceed, with great fatisfaction, to the discharge of a more agreeable part of our duty; and we shall point out a few of the numerous paffages in the work before us, which we have perused with genuine delight and approbation.

The fublime defcription of Pallas arming for the battle, in the fifth book of the Iliad, is, we think, tranflated with great fpirit. The original paffage is too long to be quoted: but he who refers to it will find, that Mr. C.'s tranflation is more faithful, and at the fame time not lefs poetical, than that of Mr. Pope.


Meantime, Minerva, progeny of Jove,
On the adamantine floor of his abode
Let fall profufe her variegated robe,
Labour of her own hands. She first put on
The corflet of the clould-affembler God,
Then arm'd her for the field of woe complete.
She charged her shoulder with the dreadful fhield
The fhaggy Ægis, border'd thick around
With terrour; there was Difcord, Prowess there,
There hot Purfuit, and there the feature grim
Of Gorgon, dire Deformity, a fign
Oft' borne portentous on the arm of Jove.
Her golden helm, whofe concave had fuffic'd
The legions of an hundred cities, rough
With warlike ornament fuperb, fhe fix'd
On her immortal head. Thus armed, the rose
Into the flaming chariot, and her spear


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