formation the cabalist had gained by follow where it leads the way, and the invocation of the Spirit of Intelli- happiness may yet be yours."-With gence ; who, after some magic rites and a bounding heart did Ratibor hasten on ceremonials to enforce her compliance, his (to him) welcome task. Leaving had given the following oracular answer him at the desolate spot, we will now to the question propounded to her: return to the princess Stella, who had

been exhaling her sorrowin sighs, drawn "Treasures of the rarest worth, Ale imprisoned ju the earth;

from the bottom of her heart. She, Hidden deep, Where the tnould warp will not creep.

however, kept her grief so carefully

concealed, that the gnome was a perWhere are gems of sparkling hoe? Where is sparkling siella too!

fect stranger to the cause of it. After Hidden deep,

revolving in her mind many schemes Where the mould warp will not creep"

and plans to elude the vigilance of her " Amazement !" cried Ratibor, “if | groler, she hit upon the following one. that fearful strain delude not my doubt- The spring was now returning; the ing senses, surely my Stella mourns sprite had suffered his subterraneous fires within some fearful region of our sphere, to go out; and the vegetables not having hidden from human sight.” “ Aye,” | been checked by the winter's frosts, replied the wizard, “ even in the centre

were ripening apace. The crafty prinof the globe. The gnome spirit there cess gathered a few every day; and, by holds her captive-nay, do not wonder, way of experiment, transformed them young Sir, at the words I breathe

into a variety of forms. One day, she for know that every element is thronged metamorphosed one into a dove.with beings which none but cabalists, “ Thou emblem of constancy and meekpractised like myself in wisdom, can

eyed peace," said she, “sweet bird of command.”—“ Command this infer- love, Hy hence-Aly to my Ratibor; find nał being, then, to give her back," out where he mourns. Spread thy soft quickly replied the prince. “I could pinions circling over him, and guide compel him," answered the wizard, him to this spot to rescue me from this " were he not enamourned. But love so hated thraldom.” The gentle bird obeymaddens, that his votaries break every ed, and flew upwards through the windchain that clashes with his own.”- ing mazes of the dreary caves where the " Then she is lost for ever,” said the anxious prince was gazing with intense despairing prince. “Not so," replied anxiety for aught that should cross his the wizard, “who fails by force, may longing sight. This spot was indeed a win by stratagem. Then courage, lonely one-bleak, dreary, and desoprince and courage may indeed be late-here and there a bent and blasted needed, if you adventure as I shall give pine-tree, on which the thunderbolt direction. '“ Put me to the proof,” ea- had hurled its vengeance, gave a still gerly interrupted the prince. “ Teach

more gloomy appearance to the scene; me to follow her, and were she placed and, on one side, rocks which appeared below the base of Etna, while its fire to have been rent by some strong conshot through the summit, I would leap vulsive effort of expiring nature, disthe gulf to pluck her from her bondage." played a dark and fearful chasm,-the "Then mark me; there is a spot near very look of which sickened the soul of to the Giant Mountains, a bleak and

the ardent Ratibor. The bird having reged wild, where nothing thrives, but arrested the attention of the prince by desolation in its sternest mood appears its fluttering round him, flew gently on all around. Whatever there accost

towards the yawning cavern, Ratibor you--be it man, or brute, or animal, following, his every nerve strengthened that cleaves the air,-then hail it as a with the idea of again beholding his harbinger of bliss, sent from your love all that could be obtained was some inadored Stella. The bird hovered over sprite soon perceived the alteration, and the gulf for a moment, then closed its renewed his suit with redoubled ardour. wings, and dropped plumb down into After a little while, she consented to be the cayern.


Ratibor observed every his; but expressed her apprehension, action, and uttering the words “ Love that, as an aërial being, which never and Stella aid me," plunged headlong underwent any change, he might abate forward. The depth he fell took from his affection, when time had destroyed him all life and motion, and he lay at the beauties of her person. To convince the bottom stunned and breathless. On her that his passion was as lasting as coming to himself, he was astonished at sincere, he desired her to command his the scene which arose before his won- patience to the utmost, and judge by dering sight-innumerable gems glit- his performance how unalterable his tering like suns, but with a chastened

affection was. She embraced the offer, splendour, shed an unearthly but enrap- and addressed him as follows:-“Go turing light; as far as the eye could pe- immediately, and number all the vegetanetrate, rocks of gold and silver rose on bles in the field. I will animate them every side, relieved by the brilliant all, and they shall be witnesses of my corruscations which continually flew marriage. But avoid deceiving me; from masses of living emeralds, sap- miss not a single one ; for on thy exactphires, and rubies. Ratibor was be- ness will I judge of thy constancy." wildered. He looked on every side for Without hesitation, he immediately his feathered guide; but the glare was set about it. What will not he that so brilliant and intense, that his eyes loves descend to? Even this degrading were dazzled, and he could scarcely task he eagerly undertook, and, through discern any thing. “Ah !" said he to his agility, soon finished the numberhimself, “ have I lost my guide ? Some ing; but, to be quite certain, he went fiend, plumed as the bird of love, has, over it a second time, when he had doubtless, lured me hither to my destruc- the mortification to find a variation in tion.” At this moment a strain floated the number, which obliged him to have through the caves, so thrilling, yet so a third muster; wben, alas ! there was sweet, that his senses were lulled with still another error; however at last he the rapturous lay.--He distinguished succeeded to reckon, without the least the following words among others, mistake, every vegetable in the field, which the invisibles had chanted :- both great and smal). While the

gnome was thus labouring to convince Tho' dangers threat po ills betide Him who follows true-love's guide.

his mistress of his sincere attachOpward thro' each labyrinth siray, The bird of love will lead the way."

ment, she was preparing every thing

necessary to facilitate her escape. The “ Hark!” murmured the enraptured dove had led her lover into her bower, prince, “ viewless spirits breathe en- and the transports of the happy pair couragement to my soul-again the

may be more easily conceived than feathered tempter hover round my described. Fearful, however, of the head and seems to murmur at my inde- return of the sprite from the grovelling cision. Yes! yes! I will onward.”— task she had imposed on him, the prince Saying this he rushed forward, the dove was under the necessity of concealing leading the way, flapping its wings as if himself; therefore, snatching a hasty delighted at its errand. Meanwhile embrace, he retired into a shady part Stella had arranged every thing for her of the bower, where, without being purpose. She had ceased to mortify seen, he could advantageously observe her elfin lover with killing coyness; her all that was going forward. At this ineye beamed hope, and her inflexibility stant the sprite returned, elated with seemed to be yielding apace. The joy at having accomplished his task ;

and consequently being able to give the rushed in from every spot, but a mighidol of his waking thoughts and sleep- ty power struck them dumb and moing dreams this undeniable proof of tionless. A loud crash succeeding, the the sincerity and inviolability of his earth beneath their monarch opened attachment. Kneeling at her feet, he and displayed a gulph, from which poured forth in animated strains the un- volcanic fire and liquid lava boiled with abated profession of his love. “ See," unceasing fury. With curses and horsaid he, “thou adored daughter of the rible imprecations he threw himself race of man—see bending at thy feet violently into the fiery abyss, which in lowly supplication-a monarch suing opened widely its rapacious jaws to where he might command. Here I receive him. Loud thunder rolled throw off my coronal state and bend in through the vaulted labyrinths—while awe before thy beauteous self. Oh! the prince and his lovely charge ascendsuffer me to be crowned with the gar- ed to the regions of light on the very spol land of thy love, and reigning over my where he had descended after the dove, heart partake my throne and boundless the magic sceptre aiding them in their realm!" The princess averted her Aight. Having again put the power of eyes from his ardent gaze.--" Nay, the talisman to the test, he plunged it fascinating fair,” continued the ena- down the abyss they had ascended : im

moured monarch, “turn not from me mediately the scene changed to the - even now there wants but one thing to palace of Stella's father; who welcomed

prove the ardency of my affection. So her with all the overflowings of a patrue I love, that willingly be mine and rent's heart, and shortly after the prinhere I throw the sceptre of my power cess and her daring lover were indissoat thy feet-'twill give thee influence lubly united. The prince shared with equal with mine own. Judge, then, his bride his hereditary throne: he how I doat by what I offer Listen ! built a city, to which he gave his own if any hand should wield it saving mine, name, and which it still retains to this it could, as fancy willed, subvert my day. domination change my kingdom- The strange and extraordinary advennay, swift as thought itself, strike me tures of the princess—her constancy, to the abyss where demons hold their her spirit, and her miraculous escape fiery way, and crumble (for a time) my became the theme of the whole counpower to nothing. At this instant the try round: and has been handed down, prince darted from his concealment, and from father to son, to the present geneseizing the sceptre, exclaimed, “Thus ration. The inhabitants of the neighthen I grasp it, and hurl thee hence to bouring places, and more particularly expiate the wrongs levelled at inno- the miners who work in the Giant cence and virtue !" Horror sat upon Mountains for the gems and rich treathe face of the Gnome, who endea- sures which they fancy are still concealed voured to resist, but the power of the there, not knowing the proper name of sceptre, controlled his every aetion. the sprite, have nick-named him NumThe princess rushed into the arms of BER-TURNIP, or, for shortness, Numher lover, who waving the magic talis- BER NIP: and this is the name by which man' thrice, the earth rocked to its he is almost always distinguished in the foundation, elfs, spirits, goblins, and legendary tales with which the country gnomes of every description, with hor. of Silesia abounds. tor depicted upon their distorted faces.


The following traditional relic has been forwarded to us by a gentleman by whose obscr

vations and communications we have considerably benefitted. In his accompanying letter be states that it is taken from the popular traditions and superstitions of the Danes; and that he conceives it to be the true foundation of the German Legend of ibe Wild Huntsman, given at page 07.-At all events it appears to be connected in some way with that singular superstition; and, having never appeared in an English dress, he has been induced to translate it for the amusement of our readers. With the above remark we are induced to coincide, as we are well acquainted with many traditions and romantic legends, which are now (or have been) highly popular in Germany, the fourdations of which are to be found in the superstitious relics and oral traditions of the Danes, Norwegians, and other northern nations.

KING Waldemar loved Tovehill, a He now rides every night from Burra lady of Ryggen ; and he was so strongly to Gurra, and is, through the whole disa afflicted when she died, that he would trict, known by the name of the Flying not forsake her body, but caused it to Huntsman. When he approaches, one be carried along with him wherever he hears, first, a horrid howling, bellowing, went. This became very disagreeable and whip-cracking, in the air, and then to those who were about the king, and every person ought to turn out of the on that account, a courtier, profiting by path, and conceal himself behind the a favourable opportunity, examined the trees. Then comes the whole rout. body, in order to discover what it was Foremost of all run the coal-black dogs, that bound the king to it with so powerful snuffing the ground, and with long glowan attachment. He at last perceived a ing tongues lolling from their throats. magic ring on her finger, which her Then

appears “ Wolmar," seated upon mother had given her in order to secure his white horse, and generally carrying the king's love. The courtier took the his head under his left arm. When he ring, and immediately the king's infa- meets any body, especially if it happens tuation towards the body disappeared, to be an old man, he commands him to and he allowed it to be interred. But hold his dogs, and sometimes leaves mark the consequence : all the king's him standing with the hounds for many love was transferred to the courtier, who hours, or, at other times, he will prewas now in possession of the ring, so sently afterwards fire a shot, and, when that he granted him every thing he ask- the hounds hear that, they burst their cd for, and would scarcely trust him bands, and scamper off. When he goes from his sight; which constraint at last away in this manner, the gates are became irksome to the youth, and, as heard slamming to after him; and in he knew what was the cause of it, he many places, where there is a straight dropped the ring into a pond, as he one passage through a house, be gallops day rode through the grove of Gurra. in at the one and out of the other door, From that moment the king began to and no bolts are so heavy that they do find himself better in that particular not spring back at his approach. He grove than in any other place; he caused frequently rides through lbsgaard, in the castle of Gurra to be built, and Oddsherred; and there is in Roskilda a hunted night and day in the wood. He house where the doors are now always was frequently heard to say, that left standing open during the night; God might keep heaven to himself, if for, previous to that, he frequently broke he were only permited to hunt in Gur- the locks to pieces. In certain places, ra; and, after his death, God punished it frequently happens that he takes his him by fulfilling his wish.

course over the house; and in the neighbourhood of Herlufsholm there is a cot- believe that the king came by night to tage, the roof of which in the middle is this place, had the audacity to keep considerable sunk, because he has pass- watch there ; but, about midnight, the ed over it. In North Zetland he has spectre-monarch entered, saluted him another Gurra, in which stand some in a friendly manner, and said, I will

ruins, which are called Waldemar's reward you for this kind visit,” and at | castle. It is here customary for the old the same time threw him a gold coin ;

women, on the eve of St. John's day, but, when the fellow caught at it, w station themselves in the paths, and burnt a round hole through his hand, open the gates for him. Half a mile and fell to the ground a fiery coal. We from Gurra lies Wolmar's height, sur- | may easily judge what he suffered from rounded by water According to tradi- this fiendish gift. But it frequently tion, six black monks, mumbling psalms, happens, that when old men and wopass slowly every midnight across the men have for many hours held the island. Between Sællerood and Næ- phantom's hounds, he casts something rum, he hunts with his hounds and to them, which looks like a coal, and is horses along a road which takes its therefore generally disregarded; but if name from him.

it be picked up and examined, it is When he has thus made a circuit be found to consist of pure gold. reposes himself by turns in all the The following is one of this remarkprincely residences scattered through able personages adventures :the country. He takes particular pleasure in stopping at Valloe-burgh, where

Late at eve they were toiling on Harribee bank,

For in harvest men n'er should be idle, there is a chamber appropriated to him, Towards them rode Waldemar, mengre and lank, in which stand two beds: in the same

And he linger'd, aud drew up his bridle.

"Success to your labour, and have ye to-night apartment are likewise two strong chests,

Seed any thing pass ye while reaping?" which, being once opened, were found " Yes, yes," said a peasant," I saw something white

Just now thro' the coru-stubble creepiog." to be filled with small round pieces of

" Which way did it go!"-"Why, methought to the leather," for better money there was not in king Waldemar's days.” A subter

Then off went King Waldemar bounding;

A few moments aster they heard a faint screech, ranean passage connects Valloe-burgh Avd the bora of the bunter resounding. with Tallosegaard, in the bailliwick of Then back came he, laughing in borrible tone,

And the blood in their

veins ran the colder, Holbeck : here he likewise has a sleep- When they saw that a fresh-slaughter'd mermaid was ing room, and the maidens and people,

Athwart his proud barl's dappled shoulder. dressed in fashion of the times when he

Said he, “I have chas'd her for sevenscore years, lived, are frequently seen making the As she landed to driuk at the fountains." beds. A countryman, who would not

No more did he deign to their terrified ears,

But gallop'd away to the mouutajas,





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« CLEAVE to the staunch oak, my boy, as long as the wind blaeth, and son,” said Jasper Trevenny to a youth while she lives upon the waters, she'll who stood by his side in a dillosk-ga- aye be a mauther to thee. Pine not therer's* hut. Cleave to a tight ship, my upon a down pillow ashore wi' pale

• The occupation of these people is ga- bit a portion of the latter is often dried in thering the edible sea-weeds laver and the sun, until it assumes a five ruddy dillosk, both of wbich are boiled for usc, complexion, when it is esteemed a luxury.

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