Biology of Chrysopidae

M. Canard, Y. Séméria, Tim R. New
Springer Netherlands, 30 jun. 1984 - 308 pagina's
Chrysopidae - the green lacewings - have long attracted the attention of the collector and the applied entomologist, the latter increasingly during the last twenty years or so as the role of many of the species as predators has become appreciated. Their resistance to many insecticides commonly used against crop pests has led to considerable interest in the use of chrysopids in integrated control programmes. Both systematic and biological information on the family is highly scattered throug a wide range of publications, in various languages, and there has been no recent major attempt to syntesise a single coherent account of the Chrysopidae. The aim of this book is not to present and analyse all published work on chrysopids: that task would be daunting, and result somewhat tedious.

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Over de auteur (1984)

Dr Tim New is Reader and Associate Professor in Zoology at La Trobe University, Melbourne. He has broad interests in insect conservation, systematics and ecology, and has published extensively on these topics with more than 350 research papers and more than 20 books. In 2003 he was awarded the Marsh Christian Trust Award for insect conservation by the Royal Entomological Society. Dr New is currently Editor-in Chief of Journal of Insect Conservation.

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