Conquer The Recession

Andre J Benjamin, 30 jun 2013 - 104 pagina's
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"Conquer The Recession" chronicles the Great Depression success stories. Readers will discover for the first time: Industries that were innovated and created Successful products that were launched Individuals that positioned themselves and profitedEffective strategies and tactics that were used to make money during The Great DepressionOur nation is facing economic challenges and we can not move forward in the future effectively without knowing our past. Now is the time to discover the winners of The Great Depression and begin applying their proven strategies in your life and business today.

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Andre J Benjamin is also the author of It's Your Future 25 Rules for success in and out of the classroom. Andre is a "Professional Transformational" Speaker conducting keynotes, seminars and trainings at schools, organizations and businesses. He is most proudly the husband of Ambra and father of Zephaniah and Zara. He is available to speak to your company, school, association or organization. Andre is an immense comic book movie fan and believes his skeleton is composed of adamantium. You can find more information about Andre, the book, curriculum and tours at or

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