Anton Kiraz's Archive on the Dead Sea Scrolls

Gorgias Press, 2005 - 266 pagina's
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No scholarly discovery in modern times has been cloaked in more controversy than that of the Dead Sea Scrolls. This is especially true of the circumstances surrounding the actual find of Cave 1 in 1946-1947, and the various claims and counter claims of ownership that ensued. One such claim of ownership came from Anton D. Kiraz (d. 1993), known as the contact person between Mar Samuel and Prof. Sukenik. Kiraz left an extensive archive of letters, documents, and a recorded interview with the Bedouins who discovered the scrolls. The archive not only reveals Kiraz's claims of ownership, but also documents the minutest details concerning the discovery itself. This book is an edition of the archive.

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Over de auteur (2005)

George Anton Kiraz is Director of Beth Mardutho: The Syriac Institute and Fellow of the Institute of Christian Oriental Research (The Catholic University of America).

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