4. The meteor flag of England
Shall yet terrific burn;

Till danger's troubled night depart,
And the star of peace return.
Then, then, ye ocean-warriors!
Our song and feast shall flow
To the fame of your name,

When the storm has ceased to blow;
When the fiery fight is heard no more,
And the storm has ceased to blow.

Thomas Campbell.

SUMMARY.-Launch your standard once more, ye mariners of England, and prepare to meet the foe. Sweep once more through the deep while the storms are blowing, and the battle rages long. Your fathers found their fame upon the deck, and the ocean was their grave. Your hearts shall glow in the day of battle like those of Blake and Nelson. Your country needs no means of defence by walls or towers. She quells the stormy floods by the roar of her guns. Her flag shall shine more brightly till the days of trouble are past, and the times of peace are restored.

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EXERCISES.-1. Parse and analyse-With thunders from her native oak she quells the floods below.

2. Adverbs are formed from nouns, or other adverbs, by adding ward, which means "in the direction of," as on, onward; down, downward. Form other adverbs from the following-thither, north, wind, lee, home, south. Make sentences to show the use of these words.

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