Remarks on the Sepulchral Memorials of Past and Present Times, with Suggestions for Improving the Condition of Our Churches: In a Letter Addressed to the Reverend the President, and the Members of the Oxford Society for Promoting the Study of Gothic Architecture

John Henry Parker: J. G. F. and J. Rivington, London., 1840 - 48 pagina's


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Pagina 46 - Ever since I came in place, I have labored nothing more than that the external public worship of God, so much slighted in divers parts of this kingdom, might be preserved, and that with as much decency and uniformity as might be. For I evidently saw that the public neglect of God's service in the outward face of it, and the nasty lying of many places dedicated to that service, had almost cast a damp upon the true and inward worship of God, which while we live in the body needs external helps, and...
Pagina 14 - Proud names, who once the reins of empire held ; In arms who triumph'd, or in arts excell'd ; Chiefs, grac'd with scars, and prodigal of blood; Stern patriots, who for sacred freedom stood ; Just men, by whom impartial laws were given ; And saints who taught, and led, the way to Heaven...
Pagina 11 - There is no antidote against the opium of time, which temporally considereth all things : our fathers find their graves in our short memories, and sadly tell us how we may be buried in our survivors.
Pagina 36 - I know also, my God, that Thou triest the heart, and hast pleasure in uprightness. As for me, in the uprightness of mine heart I have willingly offered all these things : and now have I seen with joy Thy people, which are present here, to offer willingly unto Thee.
Pagina 9 - Most of them recorded nothing else of the buried person, but that he was born upon one day, and died upon another; the whole history of his life being comprehended in those two circumstances that are common to all mankind. I could not but look upon these registers of existence, whether of brass or marble, as a kind of satire upon the departed persons ; who had left no other memorial of them, but that they were born, and that they died.
Pagina 35 - ... collection to enable the parishioners to rebuild it; but with no success, till Mr. Herbert undertook it; and he, by his own, and the contribution of many of his kindred, and other noble friends, undertook the re-edification of it; and made it so much his whole business, that he became restless till he saw it finished...
Pagina 5 - But man is a noble animal, splendid in ashes, and pompous in the grave, solemnizing nativities and deaths with equal lustre, nor omitting ceremonies of bravery in the infamy of his nature.
Pagina 11 - To be content that times to come should only know there was such a man, not caring whether they knew more of him, was a frigid ambition in Cardan; disparaging his horoscopal inclination and judgment of himself. Who cares to subsist like Hippocrates...
Pagina 24 - This noble passage could not be curtailed ; let it have the more influence as the powerful mind that dictated it, now speaks from the grave. It is under the influence of the same elevated feelings, that a living writer, before referred to, has well and beautifully observed to the same effect. " We build Churches by calculation, as a matter of necessity; but of old Church-building was a delight, a luxury, a passion. — Then men of wealth would build some glorious fane from foundation to turret, and...
Pagina 16 - ... good man be ? — By the side of a spring, on the breast of Helvellyn, Under the twigs of a young birch tree ! The oak that in summer was sweet to hear, And rustled its leaves in the fall of the year, And whistled and roared in the winter alone, Is gone, — and the birch in its stead is grown. — The Knight's bones are dust, And his good sword rust ; — His soul is with the saints, I trust.

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