Memoirs of the Administration of the Right Honourable Henry Pelham: Collected from the Family Papers, and Other Authentic Documents, Volume 2

Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, 1829

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Pagina 303 - O softly-swelling hills! On which the Power of Cultivation lies, And joys to see the wonders of his toil.
Pagina 244 - Cromwell did on the occasion. When they were all met, he ordered the Jews to speak for themselves. After that he turned to the clergy, who inveighed much against the Jews, as a cruel and accursed people. Cromwell, in his answer to the clergy, called them
Pagina 244 - Godolphin, when this proposal was made ; and as soon as the agent was gone, pressed him to close with it. Lord Godolphin was not of his opinion. He foresaw that it would provoke two of the most powerful bodies in the nation, the clergy and the merchants ; he gave other reasons too against it ; and, in fine, it was dropped.
Pagina 303 - The same sad morn, to Church and State (So for our sins 'twas fix'd by fate,) A double stroke was given ; Black as the whirlwinds of the North, St. John's fell genius issued forth, And Pelham fled to heaven.
Pagina 266 - He then indignantly animadverted upon the profligacy of the principles avowed by the enemies of the measure. Alluding to the apology of Mr. Fox, he said, " With regard to my own share in this torrent of abuse, as I am obliged to those who have so honourably defended me, so I despise the invective, and I despise the recantation. I despise the scurrility, for scurrility I must call it, and I reject the adulation.
Pagina 266 - Commons. The conduct of Mr. Charles Townsend he ascribed to youth and inexperience, and directed the whole force of his invective against Mr. Fox. " ' It is not, indeed, surprising,' he said, ' that young men in the warmth of their constitution should be averse to regulations which seem to interfere with their impassioned and sanguine pursuits; but it is extraordinary to see grave and solemn persons convert a law, so essential to the public good, into an engine of dark intrigue and faction, and into...
Pagina 98 - ... Article XXIV. — But in case the ships of the subjects and inhabitants of both their Most Serene royal Majestys, either on the sea-coast, or on the high seas, shall meet with the men of war of the other, or with privateers, the said men of war and privateers, for preventing any inconveniences, are to remain out of cannon-shot, and to send a boat to the merchant-ship which has been met with, and shall enter her with two or three men only, to whom the master or commander of such ship or vessel...
Pagina 244 - Rycaut, who was then a young man, pressed in among the crowd, and said he never heard a man speak so well in his life, as Cromwell did on this occasion. When they were all met, he ordered the Jews to speak for themselves. After that he turned to the clergy, who inveighed much against the Jews, as a cruel and cursed people. Cromwell in his answer to the clergy called them "Men of God...
Pagina 244 - And can you really be afraid,' said he, ' that this mean and despised people should be able to prevail in trade and credit, over the merchants of England, the noblest and most esteemed merchants of the whole world ?' Thus he went on, till he had silenced them too, and so was at liberty to grant what he desired, to the Jews.

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