Bradshaw's railway almanack, directory, shareholders' guide, and manual


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Pagina 423 - An Act to facilitate the performance of the duties of justices of the peace out of sessions within England and Wales with respect to summary convictions and orders," inclusive of any Acts amending the same.
Pagina 423 - Notwithstanding anything in this Act contained the promoters of any tramway shall not acquire or be deemed to acquire any right other than that of user of any road along or across which they lay any tramway...
Pagina 423 - If any person (except under a lease from or by agreement with the promoters, or under license from the board of trade, as by this Act provided), uses a tramway or any part thereof with carriages having flange wheels or other wheels suitable only to run on the rail of such tramway, such person shall for every such offence be liable to a penalty not exceeding twenty pounds.
Pagina 423 - Distance, knowingly and •wilfully proceed in any such Carriage beyond such Distance without previously paying the additional Fare for the additional Distance, and with Intent to avoid Payment thereof, or if any Person knowingly and wilfully refuse or neglect, on arriving at the Point to which he has paid his Fare, to quit such Carriage, every such Person shall for every such Offence forfeit to the Company a Sum not exceeding Forty Shillings.
Pagina 423 - Twenty Pounds for every such Offence ; and it shall be lawful for the Company to refuse to take any Parcel that they may suspect to contain Goods of a dangerous Nature, or require the same to be opened to ascertain the Fact CVI.
Pagina ii - BY APPOINTMENT TO HRH THE PRINCE OF WALES. ALLEN S PORTMANTEAUS 37, WEST STRAND, LONDON. New Illustrated Catalogues of 500 other Articles for Home or Continental Travelling, post free. Patent Leather Portmanteau. No edges to wear out. ALLEN 5 ••PATENT BAG Allen's Patent Square Mouth Bag. Allen's Victoria Dressing-BagLadies' Wardrobe Portmanteau, Solid Leather.
Pagina 414 - Company may, at any time within fifty years after such acceptance of the said surrender, claim in any township or district within the fertile belt in which land is set out for settlements, grants of land not exceeding one-twentieth part of the land so set out...
Pagina 423 - ... and whose name and residence shall be unknown to such officer or agent, and convey him, with all convenient despatch, before...
Pagina 423 - England, in the office of the clerk of the peace for every county, riding, or division, and of the...
Pagina 414 - 2. Canada is to pay to the company 300,000/, when Rupert's Land is transferred to the Dominion of Canada. "3. The company may within twelve months of the surrender select a block of land adjoining each of its stations within the limits specified in article 1 . "4.

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