Abyssinia. Report on the Survey Operations, Abyssinia. [By
Lieut. Thomas T. Carter.] 8°
London [1868].
Routes in Abyssinia. Presented to the House of Commons,
in pursuance of their Address, dated Nov. 26, 1867. (Com-
piled by Lieut. Col. A. C. Cooke.) Maps. 8° London, 1867.
Voyage en Abyssinie exécuté pendant les années 1839, 1840,
1841, 1842, 1843, par uneCommission Scientifique Publié
par ordre du Roi, etc. 6 Vols.
Paris [1845].

Pt. I. Relation Historique, par M. Théophile Lefebvre.

Pt. II. Itinéraire.-Description et Dictionnaire géographiques.-Phy-
sique et Météorologie.-Statisque, Ethnologie.-Linguistique.—
Archéologie. Par M. Théophile Lefebvre.

Pt. III. Histoire Naturelle: Botanique, par M. A. Richard.

Pt. IV. Histoire Naturelle: Zoologie, par MM. O. Des Muss, Florent
Prévost, Guichenot, et Guerin-Menneville.

Adams, Arthur. Notes from a Journal of Research into the

Natural History of the Countries visited during the

Addison, Joseph. Remarks on several parts of Italy, etc., in the
years 1701, 1702, 1703. Third edition. 12o London, 1726.
Lancelot. West Barbary; or a short Narrative of the
Revolutions of the Kingdoms of Fez and Morocco.
With an
Account of the present Customs, etc.
Oxford, 1671.
Adelung, Friedrich von. Kritisch-literärische Übersicht der
Reisenden in Russland bis 1700, deren Berichte bekannt sind.
2 Vols. 8°
St. Petersburg and Leipzig, 1846.

Admiralty. A Memoir of the Hydrographical Department of the

Admiralty, 1868. Folio.


English and French Rivalry in Eastern Africa. [An Article
or Review, so named.]

Narrative of Discovery and Adventure in Africa, from the

earliest ages to the present time; with Illustrations of the

Geology, Mineralogy, and Zoology. By Professor Jameson,

James Wilson, and Hugh Murray. Map and Plates. 16°

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Agassiz, Louis. Address delivered on the Centennial Anniversary of the birth of Alexander von Humboldt, under the auspices of the Boston Society of Natural History. 8°

Glacial Phenomena in Maine. 8°

and Mrs. A Journey in Brazil.

Plates. 8°

Boston, 1869.

Boston, 1867.

Boston and London, 1868.

Agricola. Description of the Barossa Range
hood in South Australia.
original Drawings. . . . by G. F. Angas.

and its NeighbourBy "Agricola." Illustrated, from Map and Plates. 4° London, 1849.

Airy, G. B. The Transits of Venus, 1874 and 1882. On the preparatory arrangements for the observation of the Transits, etc. 8° London. Alabaster, C. and others. Reports of Journeys in China and Japan, performed by Mr. Alabaster, Mr. Oxenham, Mr. Markham, and Dr. Willis, of Her Majesty's Consular Service in those Countries. Map. Folio. London, 1869. Alberius, Eugenius. De Galilei Galileii circa Jovis satellites lucubrationibus quae in I. et R. Pittianâ Palatinâ Bibliothecâ adservantur . . . brevis disquisitio. 8° [Florentiae, 1843.] Alcock, Sir Rutherford. The Capital of the Tycoon; a Narrative of a Three Years' Residence in Japan. 2 Vols. Maps and Plates. 8° London, 1863. Alderney. The Alderney Island Pilot; comprising the Islands of Alderney, Burhou, and Casquets, and the Race, Swinge, and Ortac Channels. 8° London, 1864. Routier de l'Île Aurigny, comprenant les îles Aurigny, Burhou et les Casquets, ainsi que les Passes du Raz, du Swinge et d'Ortac. Traduit de l'Anglais par M. Jules Vavin. 8°

Paris, 1865. Algar, F. A Hand-book to the Colony of Victoria (Australia). 8° London, 1869. Ali Mohammed Khán. The Political and Statistical History of Gujarát, translated from the Persian. To which are added, copious Annotations, and an Historical Introduction, by James Bird. 8° London, 1835.

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Batavia, 1843.

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Alphabethum Samaritanum. A Fragment, pp. 5-100. 4° America. Intereses, peligros y garantias de los Estados del Pacífico en las Regiones Orientales de la America del Sud. Segunda tirada. 8° Paris, 1866. United States. The Seventh Census of the United States, 1850, &c. 4° Washington, 1853. Lists of Distances, compiled for the information and guidance of Officers doing duty in the Quartermaster's Department in making payments for Mileage. 8° Washington, 1868.

Report of the Superintendent of the Coast Survey, showing the progress of the Survey during the years 1861-64, 1866. 5 Vols. Maps. 4° Washington, 1862-69. Anderson, Æneas. A Narrative of the British Embassy to China, in the years 1792-1794. . . . Third edition. 8° London, 1796.

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John. Dura Den. A Monograph of the Yellow Sandstone and its remarkable Fossil Remains. Plates. 8°

Edinburgh and London, 1859.

Mission to the East Coast of Sumatra, in 1823, under the direction of the Government of Prince of Wales Island; including historical and descriptive Sketches of the Country and a visit to the Batta Cannibal States in the Interior. Maps and Plates. 8° Edinburgh and London, 1826. Den Danske Gradmaaling. Første Bind, etc. 4° Kjebenhavn, 1867.

Andræ, C. G.

Andrew, W. P. On the Completion of the Railway System of the Valley of the Indus. A Letter to his Grace the Duke of Argyll, etc. Maps. 8°

London, 1869. Andrews, J. R. Life of Oliver Cromwell, to the death of Charles the First.

London, 1870. Thomas. Studium generale. A chapter of contemporary History. The University of London. The Queen's University. The Catholic University. The College of Maynooth. 8°

London, 1867.

Andros, A. C. Pen and Pencil Sketches of a Holiday Scamper in Spain. Map and Plates. 8°

London, 1860.

Angas, George French. Australia; a popular account, etc. See AUSTRALIA.

Polynesia; a popular Description of the Physical Features,

Inhabitants, Natural History, and Productions of the Islands of the Pacific. With an account of their discovery, etc. Map. 8° London [1866].

Ansted, David Thomas. A Short Trip in Hungary and Transylvania in the Spring of 1862.


London, 1862.

London, 1862.

and Latham, Robert Gordon. The Channel Islands. With Illustrations by P. J. Naftel. 8°

Anthropological Society of London.


Hybridity in the genus Homo :-Broca.

Lake Habitations and Pre-Historic Remains in Italy :-Gastaldi.
Lectures on Man:-Vogt.

Anticosti. The Island of Anticosti: its Geographical Position,
Extent, Resources, etc. Map. 8°
London, 1867.
Antidote. The Antidote; or an enquiry into the merits of a Book,
entitled, 'A Journey into Siberia, made in MDCCLXI., by the
Abbé Chappe d'Auteroche. . . . By a Lover of Truth.' Trans-
lated into English, by a Lady, etc. 8°.
London, 1772.

Antinori, Orazio. Sopra alcuni resti di Città antiche tuttora
esistenti in Tunisia nella Provincia del Fas-el-Riah. Due lettere.
See GUBERNATIS, E. de. Lettere sulla Tunisia, &c.
Anuario Chileno. 4°


Santiago de Chile, 1852.

Notice des Ouvrages

Paris, 1802.

Zürich, 1866.

Anville, Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d'.
de M. d'Anville, précédée de son éloge.
Apel, F. H. Drei Monate in Abyssinien und Gefangenschaft unter
König Theodorus II. 8°
Apostolides, S. Our Lord's Prayer, in One Hundred different
Languages, &c. 12°
London [1869].
Appun, Carl Ferdinand. Unter den Tropen. Wanderungen
durch Venezuela, am Orinoco, durch Britisch Guyana und am
Amazonenstrome in den Jahren 1849-1868. Bd. 1. Plates. 8°
Jena, 1871 [1870].

Arber, Edward. English Reprints. Edited by E. Arber. 12°
London, 1869.

HOWELL, JAMES. Instructions for Forreine Travell. 1642. Collated with the second edition of 1650.

Archer, William Henry. Victoria. Abstracts of Specifications of Patents applied for from 1854 to 1866. Plates. 4o

Melbourne, 1870.

Victoria. Patents and Patentees, from 1854 to 1866. Vol. II. Indexes for 1867. Vol. III. Indexes for 1868.

4o Melbourne, 1868-70. Arctic Expeditions. Eskimaux and English Vocabulary for the use of the Arctic Expeditions. Published by Order of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty. 8°

London, 1850.

Arctic Expeditions. Greenland-Eskimo Vocabulary, for the use
of the Arctic Expeditions. Published by Order of the Lords
Commissioners of the Admiralty. 8°
London, 1853.
Ardouin, B. Études sur l'histoire d'Haïti, suivies de la Vie du
Général J. M. Borgella. 2 Vols. Portrait. 8°
Argentine Railway. Central Argentine Railroad.

Paris, 1853.

Report, etc. London, 1867.

Terrenos cedidos por el Exmo. Gobierno de la Provincia al Exmo. Gobierno Nacional con destino a la venta o permuta de los que han de expropiarse para ceder a la Empresa del FerroCarril Central Argentino, etc.


Republic. Anuario de Correos de la Republica Arjentina.
Novena publicacion.
Buenos Aires, 1867.

Datos Oficiales. La Republica Arjentina. Poblacion-Immigracion — Colonias Agricolas-Concessiones de Terrenos. Ferro-Carriles, etc. 8°

Paris, 1867.

Letters concerning the Country of the Argentine Republic (South America), being suitable for Emigrants and Capitalists to settle in. 1869. Second issue. 8°

London, 1869.

Reglamentos de Policía Marítima en los puertos y rios de la
Nacion Arjentina. 8°
Buenos Aires, 1863.

Rejistro estadístico de la República Arjentina. 1864-65.

Buenos Aires, 1865-67.

2 Vols.

La República Argentina, sus Colonias Agrícolas, FerroCarriles, Navegacion, Comercio, Riqueza Territorial, etc. etc. Por la Comision de Immigracion de Buenos Aires. Maps and Plates. 8° Buenos Aires, 1866. Arminjon, V. F. Il Giappone e il Viaggio della Corvetta Magenta nel 1866. Map. 8°

Genova, 1869.

Armit, R. H. The Wind in his Circuits; with the Explanation of the Origin and Cause of Circular Storms and Equinoctial Gales. Diagrams and Chart. 8° London, 1870. Arnaud, M. d'. Documents et Observations sur le cours du Bahrel-Abiad ou du Fleuve Blanc, et sur quelques autres points de Géographie. Map. 8°


Second Voyage à la Recherche des Sources du Bahr-el-
Abiad ou Nil-Blanc, etc. 8°
Paris [1842].

Arnold, R. Arthur. From the Levant, the Black Sea, and the
Danube. 2 Vols. 8°

London, 1868.

London, 1869.

Arrow, Sir Frederick. A Fortnight in Egypt at the opening of the Suez Canal. Map. 8°

Arthur, William, and Griffin, James. The Active List of Flag Officers, Captains, Commanders, and Lieutenants of the Royal

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