The British Palladium: Or, Annual Miscellany of Literature and Science for the Year ..., Volume 12

D. Steel., 1764

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Pagina 2 - I look'd again, nor could their trace be found. Critics I saw, that other names deface, And fix their own, with labour, in their place : Their own, like others, soon their place resign'd, Or disappear'd. and left the first behind. Nor was the work impair'd by storms alone, But felt th...
Pagina 10 - Do thou, just goddess, call our merits forth, And give each deed th' exact intrinsic worth." " Not with bare justice shall your act be crown'd. (Said Fame), but high above desert renown'd : Let fuller notes th' applauding world amaze, And the loud clarion labour in your praise.
Pagina 94 - ... the stations of men. The high and the low, the rich and the poor, the wise and the ignorant, when the...
Pagina 10 - Ambitious fools ! (the queen replied, and frown'd) Be all your acts in dark oblivion drown'd ; There sleep forgot, with mighty tyrants gone, Your statues moulder'd, and your names unknown!" A sudden cloud straight snatch'd them from my sight, And each majestic phantom sunk in night. Then came the smallest tribe I yet had seen ; Plain was their dress, and modest was their mien :
Pagina 11 - Slaves to yourselves, and e'en fatigu'd with ease, Who lose a length of undeserving days, Would you usurp the lover's dear-bought praise ? To just contempt, ye vain pretenders, fall, The people's fable, and the scorn of all.
Pagina 4 - Whom sceptre'd slaves in golden harness drew : His hands a bow and pointed javelin hold ; His giant limbs are arm'd in scales of gold.
Pagina 8 - Alcseus' manly rage t' infufe The fofter fpirit of the Sapphic Mufe. The polifli'd pillar difPrent fculptures grace, A work outlawing monumental brafs. Here fmiling loves and Bacchanals appear, The Julian ftar, and great Auguftus here: The doves, that round the infant poet fpread Myrtles and bays, hang hov'ring o'er his head.
Pagina 19 - Prifcius, who was neither her hufband, nor gallant, nor relation; neither weeping, rejoicing, nor mourning, erected this, which is neither a fabric, a pyramid, nor a tomb, but all three ; but to whom, he knows, and yet knoweth not.
Pagina 7 - The figur'd games of Greece the column grace, Neptune and Jove furvey the rapid race. The youths hang o'er their chariots as they run ; The fiery fteeds feem ftarting from the ftone ; The champions in diftorted poftures threat ; 220 And all appear'd irregularly great.
Pagina 8 - And ampler vistas open'd to my view : Upward the columns shoot, the roofs ascend, And arches widen, and long aisles extend. Such was her form, as ancient bards have told, Wings raise her arms, and wings her feet infold ; A thousand...

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