The Tao of Daily Life: The Mysteries of the Orient Revealed The Joys of Inner Harmony Found The Path to Enlightenment Illuminated

Penguin, 6 sep. 2007 - 240 pagina's
The perfect book for readers who are interested in Taoism and want a little daily inspiration.

The Tao of Daily Life combines ancient Eastern wisdom with practical application-perfect for busy Western readers! Derek Lin, Taoist master and expert in Eastern philosophy, brings his deep knowledge of this time-honored Chinese spiritual thought system into the twenty-first century. "There is one simple reason for the Tao to have survived through the ages intact: it works," writes Lin. "The principles of the Tao are extremely effective when applied to life. The philosophy as a whole is nothing less than a practical, useful guide to living life in a way that is smooth, peaceful, and full of energy." Using the powerful medium of stories and short dharma talks, Lin illuminates the Taoist secrets and engages the reader in their inherent wisdom. As a result, the reader of The Tao of Daily Life will notice certain changes, including:

- being more composed and more at ease in various situations;
- being able to handle challenges and difficulties with less effort and achieving better results;
- experiencing greater power and clarity in all areas of life.

The spiritual journey, as described by Derek Lin, becomes the most worthwhile exploration anyone can take.

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Great book for anyone interested in Taoism in their daily life Volledige review lezen

The Tao of Daily Life

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I ordered 2 books and one was damaged. I kept that copy for myself. Volledige review lezen


What Is This Thing
Finding Joy in the Simple
Listening to
What Can We Do When
What Is the Best Way
Seeing Both Sides of an Issue
How to Understand What
Looking Deeper
Why Do
Unlocking the Treasure Vault
The Karmic Laws
The Role That Flattery
How Friends Help

Achieving Real
How Do

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Over de auteur (2007)

Derek Lin†is the award-winning author of†The Tao of Daily Life,†The Tao of Success, and†The Tao of Joy Every Day. He was born in Taiwan and grew up with native fluency in both Chinese and English. This background lets him convey Eastern teachings to Western readers in a way that is clear, simple, and authentic.†Lin has utilized his linguistic skills to create a†Tao Te Ching†translation that has been lauded by critics as setting a new standard for accuracy, and for†faithfully capturing the lyrical beauty of the original. He is an active speaker and educator on the†Tao Te Ching†and the Tao in general.

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