A Classified Catalogue of the Works on Architecture and the Allied Arts in the Principal Libraries of Manchester and Salford, with Alphabetical Author List and Subject Index

University Press, 1909 - 310 pagina's
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Pagina 177 - ANALYSIS OF ORNAMENT: THE CHARACTERISTICS OF STYLES. An Introduction to the Study of the History of Ornamental Art, With many Illustrations. Sixth Edition. Royal 8vo, cloth, 8s.
Pagina 132 - Plates. 5s. 130. GRECIAN ARCHITECTURE, An Inquiry into the Principles of Beauty in ; with an Historical View of the Rise and Progress of the Art in Greece. By the EARL OF ABERDEEN. is. '«' The t-wo preceding Works in One handsome Vol., half bound, entitled "ANCIENT ARCHITECTURE,
Pagina 28 - ARCHITECTURE— STYLES— The History and Description of . the Styles of Architecture of Various Countries, from the Earliest to the ":. Present Period. By T. TALBOT BURY, FRIBA, &c. Illustrated. 2s. %* ORDERS AND STYLES OF ARCHITECTURE, in One Vol..
Pagina 11 - ARBITRATION.— Russell's Treatise on the Duty and Power of an Arbitrator, and the La"w of Submissions and Awards ; with an Appendix of Forms, and of the Statutes relating to Arbitration. By FRANCIS RUSSELL, Esq., MA, Barrister-at-Law.
Pagina 4 - A Treatise on the Origin, Progress, Prevention, and Cure of Dry Rot in Timber; with Remarks on the Means of Preserving Wood from Destruction by Sea-Worms, Beetles, Ants, etc. By THOMAS ALLEN BRITTON, late Surveyor to the Metropolitan Board of Works, etc., etc.
Pagina 15 - A PRACTICAL TREATISE ON HANDRAILING. Showing New and Simple Methods for Finding the Pitch of the Plank, Drawing the Moulds, Bevelling, Jointing-up, and Squaring the Wreath. By GEORGE COLLINGS.
Pagina 3 - A treatise on the Strength of Timber, cast iron, malleable iron, and other materials ; with rules for application in architecture, construction of suspension bridges, railways, &c.
Pagina 80 - A Critical Review Of The Publick Buildings, Statues and Ornaments In, and about London and Westminster.
Pagina 36 - Band: Anlagen zur Versorgung der Gebäude mit Licht und Luft, Wärme und Wasser. "Versorgung der Gebäude mit Sonnenlicht und Sonnenwärme. Von Geh. Baurat Prof. Dr. E. SCHMITT, Darmstadt. — Künstliche Beleuchtung der Räume. Von Geh. Regierungsrat Prof. H. FISCHER und Prof. Dr. W. KOHLRAUSCH, Hannover.
Pagina 126 - ROME AND THE CAMPAGNA. A Historical and Topographical Description of the Site, Buildings, and Neighbourhood of Ancient Rome. By R.

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