Political Register and Impartial Review of New Books

J. Almon, 1767

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Pagina 327 - Corpus granted for the said party, that then he ought to be delivered or bailed." — 4thly, " That the ancient and undoubted right of every freeman is, that he hath a full and absolute property in his goods and estate, and that no tax, tallage, loan, benevolence, or other like charge, ought to be commanded or levied by the King or his ministers, 'without common assent of parliament.
Pagina 267 - Having the honour of being a freeman of the city of London, I take the liberty of sending to your lordship the sword of the commanding French...
Pagina 64 - A perpetual attention to this great point is therefore the intereft and duty of every man in Britain ; and there is fcarce any man, who may not contribute to the advancement of it, in fome degree. The old may inform the young, and the young may animate the old.
Pagina 216 - An aft for punifhing mutiny and defertion, and for the better payment of the army and their quarters...
Pagina 188 - Mine eyes shall be upon the faithful of the land, that they may dwell with me : he that walketh in a perfect way, he shall serve me. 7 He that worketh deceit shall not dwell within my house: he that telleth lies shall not tarry in my sight.
Pagina 161 - Home to deter me from doing signal justice to a man, who, I confess, has grown upon my esteem*. As for the common, sordid views of avarice, or any purpose of vulgar ambition, I question whether the applause of JUNIUS would be of service to Lord Chatham.
Pagina 84 - Address, Remonstrance, and Petition, of the Lord Mayor, Aldermen^ and Livery of the city of London...
Pagina 161 - Recorded honours shall gather round his monument and thicken over him. It is a solid fabric, and will support the laurels that adorn it. I am not conversant in the language of panegyric. These praises are extorted from me: but they will wear well, for they have been dearly earned.
Pagina 76 - twill be a heap ; this is not true Alone in money, but in manners too. Yet we must more than move still, or go on ; We must accomplish ; 'tis the last key-stone That makes the arch ; the rest that there were put Are nothing till that comes to bind and shut.
Pagina 65 - ... the government; who encouraged the profligate and seduced the unwary to concur with him in this design, by affecting to explode all public spirit, and to ridicule every form of our constitution: such a minister would be looked upon most justly as the shame and scourge of his country; sooner or later he would fall without pity, and it is hard to say what punishment would be proportionable to his crimes.

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