Local Government Law and Legislation for the Year ...

Hadden, Best & Company, Limited, 1899

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Pagina 212 - ... on the owners or reputed owners, lessees or reputed lessees, and occupiers of the said lands, and on the overseers of such parishes, and on the trustees, surveyors of highways, or other persons having the care of such roads or streets.
Pagina 207 - ... by the Local Authority, the mode in which, if it is so prescribed, they are to be certified by the Local Authority or any officer of that Authority, the mode of publishing the time and place of holding the audit, the persons by whom such accounts are to be produced for audit, and the mode of conducting the audit, and an Order under this section shall be deemed to be an Order within the meaning of section ninety-eight of the Poor Law Amendment Act, 1834."!
Pagina 271 - Now, therefore, in pursuance of the powers given to Us by the Statutes in that behalf, we hereby Order as follows : — Article I.
Pagina 75 - Provided that no person shall be guilty of any such offence as aforesaid in respect of the sale of an article of food or a drug mixed with any matter or ingredient not injurious to health, and not intended fraudulently to increase its bulk, weight, or measure, or conceal its inferior quality, if at the time of delivering such article or...
Pagina 217 - The notice may also be served by post by a registered letter addressed to the person on whom it is to be served at his last known place of residence or place of business ; and, if served by post, shall be deemed to have been served at the...
Pagina 186 - Bye-laws shall be liable for every such offence to a penalty of five pounds, and in the case of a continuing offence to a further penalty of forty shillings for each day after written notice of the offence from the Port Sanitary Authority.
Pagina 189 - ... diseased, or unsound, or unwholesome, or unfit for the food of man...
Pagina 75 - Any medical officer of health, inspector of nuisances, or inspector of weights and measures, or any inspector of a market, or any police constable under the direction and at the cost of the local authority appointing such officer, inspector, or constable, or charged with the execution of...
Pagina 73 - ... that he had no reason to believe at the time when he sold it that the article was otherwise, and that he sold it in the same state as when he purchased it, he shall be discharged from the prosecution, but shall be liable to pay the costs incurred by the prosecutor, unless he shall have given due notice to him that he will rely on the above defence.
Pagina 89 - food " shall include every article used for food or drink by man, other than drugs or water, and any article which ordinarily enters into or is used in the composition or preparation of human food ; and shall also include flavouring matters and condiments.

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