Nouveau guide de conversations modernes ou Dialogues usuels et familiers, en six langues, français, anglais, allemand, russe, polonais, suédois, par mm. Bellenger [and others].

B. Behr, 1854 - 472 pagina's

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Pagina 31 - Un. Deux. Trois. Quatre. Cinq. Six. Sept. Huit. Neuf. Dix. Onze. Douze. Treize. Quatorze. Quinze. Seize. Dix-sept. Dix-huit. Dix-neuf.
Pagina 47 - You muet know.... I must tell you .... I have a notion that.... I am -inclined to think.... I dare say it is so. What do you mean? I don't know what you mean. Is it certain that — ? Is it true that — ? Yes, it is true — it is certain.
Pagina 110 - He generally keeps good hours. I hear a knock. Very likely it is he that knocks. Go and see. Just so. It is he. I hope I have not made you wait. Not in the least. It is but ten o'clock. We never go to bed before half past ten. I come just in time.
Pagina 74 - We are going to have a fine day. It is dewy. It is foggy. It is rainy weather. It threatens to rain. The sky becomes very cloudy. The sky is getting very dark. The sun is coming out.
Pagina 126 - What a fine edyou have of them ! The hyacinths are almost over. What flower is this? What is the name of this flower? What a beautiful double wallflower! Here is a fine double stock. Are you fond of pinks ? Yes.
Pagina 100 - You have no time to spare, for it is very late already. I shall not be long. What day of the month is this? What day of the month have we? What is the day of the month ? What day of the month is it to-day ? To-day is the flrst, the second, the third, the fourth..
Pagina 48 - I thiuk so. I think not. I make no doubt of it. Are you quite sure of it ? I am sure of it. I am certain of it. Nothing more certain. Nothing is more certain. I answer for it. — I will war rant it.
Pagina 127 - We consume a great m;my in the family. Here is a fine bed of asparagus. I am very fond of them. I like artichokes nearly as well. These peas are in bloom already. I have some m pods in another place.
Pagina 79 - B. 1 wish you a good morning. I am happy to see you. I have not seen you this age. It is a novelty to see you. Pray, sit down.
Pagina 170 - Your puise is a little elevated. Your puise is hard. There is a fever. You are feverish. Do you think my illness dangerous ? No. But you must take care lest it should become so. What am I to do ? I will send you something to take, and see you again to-morrow morning. Must I do any thing besides ? No. O'nly take care to keep yourself warm.

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