Domestic Annals of Scotland from the Reformation to the Revolution, Volume 1

W. & R. Chambers, 1858

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Pagina 496 - He is a great lover and praiser of himself, a contemner and scorner of others, given rather to lose a friend than a jest, jealous of every word and action of those about him, (especially after drink, which is one of the elements in which he liveth...
Pagina 493 - ... and daggers, in the space of two hours, fourscore fat deer were slain ; which after are disposed of, some one way and some another, twenty and thirty miles, and more than enough left for us to make merry withal at our rendezvous.
Pagina 284 - That handkerchief Did an Egyptian to my mother give ; She was a charmer, J and could almost read The thoughts of people...
Pagina 445 - I am slain !' seconding his speech with all the force he had to cast me. But being too weak, after I had defended his assault, I easily became master of him, laying him on his back ; when being upon him, I redemanded if he would request his life, but it seemed he prized it not at so dear a rate to be beholden for it ; bravely replying
Pagina 493 - Then after we had stayed there three hours or thereabouts, we might perceive the deer appear on the hills round about us (their heads making a show like a wood), which being followed close by the...
Pagina 492 - I found many of them armed for the hunting. As for their attire, any man, of what degree soever, that, comes amongst them, must not disdain to wear it ; for if they do...
Pagina 446 - Lord's surgeon, when nobody dreamt of it, came full at me with his lord's sword, and had not mine with my sword interposed himself, I had been slain by those base hands, although my Lord Bruce, weltering in his blood, and past all expectation of life, conformable to all his former carriage, which was undoubtedly noble, cried out,
Pagina 299 - ... many servants to attend him, that brought in his meat with their heads covered with blue caps, the table being more than half furnished with great platters of porridge, each having a little piece of sodden meat; and when the table was served, the servants did sit down with us ; but the upper mess instead of porridge, had a pullet with some prunes in the broth.
Pagina 8 - Sir, this is a busy day with us. We cannot hear you; it is Robin Hood's Day."' The parish are gone abroad to gather for Robin Hood. I pray you let them not.
Pagina 445 - ... each other by what means we could ; I made a thrust at my enemy, but was short ; and in drawing back my arm I received a great wound thereon, which I interpreted as a reward for my short shooting ; but...

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