The Annual Biography and Obituary, Volume 12

Longman., 1828

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Pagina 283 - Such as is one of these magnificent machines when springing from inaction into a display of its might — such is England herself, while apparently passive and motionless she silently concentrates the power to be put forth on an adequate occasion.
Pagina 283 - ... for action. You well know, gentlemen, how soon one of those stupendous masses, now reposing on their shadows in perfect stillness — how soon, upon any call of patriotism, or of necessity, it would assume the likeness of an animated thing...
Pagina 284 - But God forbid that that occasion should arise. After a war sustained for nearly a quarter of a century — sometimes single-handed, and with all Europe arranged at times against her or at her side, England needs a period of tranquillity, and may enjoy it without fear of misconstruction.
Pagina 117 - Such liberality was not lost upon me ; I grew anxious to make the best return in my power, and I redoubled my diligence. Now, that I am sunk into indolence, I look back with some degree of scepticism to the exertions of that period.
Pagina 89 - Biographical Memoirs of William Ged, including a particular Account of his Progress in the Art of Block-printing, 1781,
Pagina 125 - Johnson, in some volume lying on the table, which I ventured (for I was then young) to deem incorrect, and pointed it out to him. I could not help thinking that he was somewhat of my opinion ; but he was cautious and reserved. " But, sir," said I, willing to overcome his scruples, " Dr. Johnson himself," a fact which Mr. Bryant well knew, " admitted that he was not a good Greek scholar.
Pagina 116 - The plan that occurred to him was naturally that which had so often suggested itself to me. There were, indeed, several obstacles to be overcome : I had eighteen months yet to serve ; my hand-writing was bad, and my language very incorrect ; but nothing could slacken the zeal of this excellent man : he procured a few of my poor attempts at rhyme, dispersed them amongst his friends and acquaintance, and when my name was become somewhat familiar to them, set on foot...
Pagina 112 - I was indebted to chance alone for stumbling upon his hiding-place.
Pagina 122 - On my first visit he asked me what friends I had, and what were my prospects in life ; and I told him that I had no friends and no prospects of any kind. He said no more ; but when I called to take leave, previous to returning to college, I found that this simple exposure of my circumstances had sunk deep into his mind.
Pagina 279 - IF there be a determined project to interfere by force or by menace in the present struggle in Spain, so convinced are His Majesty's Government of the uselessness and danger of any such interference — so objectionable does it appear to them in principle, as well as utterly impracticable in execution, that when the necessity arises, or (I would rather say) when the opportunity offers, I am to instruct your Grace at once frankly and peremptorily to declare, that to any such interference, come what...

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