Discourse and Identity

Anna De Fina, Deborah Schiffrin, Michael Bamberg
Cambridge University Press, 29 jun. 2006 - 476 pagina's
The relationship between language, discourse and identity has always been a major area of sociolinguistic investigation. In more recent times, the field has been revolutionized as previous models - which assumed our identities to be based on stable relationships between linguistic and social variables - have been challenged by pioneering new approaches to the topic. This volume brings together a team of leading experts to explore discourse in a range of social contexts. By applying a variety of analytical tools and concepts, the contributors show how we build images of ourselves through language, how society moulds us into different categories, and how we negotiate our membership of those categories. Drawing on numerous interactional settings (the workplace; medical interviews; education), in a variety of genres (narrative; conversation; interviews), and amongst different communities (immigrants; patients; adolescents; teachers), this revealing volume sheds light on how our social practices can help to shape our identities.

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Over de auteur (2006)

Anna de Fina is Assistant Professor of Italian Language and Linguistics and Language Program Director, Georgetown University.

Deborah Schiffrin is Professor of Linguistics, Georgetown University.

Michael Bamberg is Professor of Psychology, Clark University.

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