PRINCE2® - Quick Reference Cards set of 5

van Haren Publishing, 15 jan. 2010 - 24 pagina's

In the Best Practice Free zone you can find 30 useful PRINCE2-templates (author: PUG-NL). Available as free download, click here”> 

  • Summary of 2009 PRINCE 2 approach
  • Sturdy, easy to carry booklet with Quick Reference Cards based on PRINCE2 2009 Edition
  • Gives you the possibility to get, in one glance, familiar with the specifics of PRINCE2 edition 2009: the Themes, the Principles and its Process Model
  • Contains the complete PRINCE2 Edition 2009 Process schemes (complete scheme and a tailoring example), PRINCE2 Edition 2009 Management Product Model, Tailoring PRINCE2 to the project environment and more
  • Clever fold out with tabs for each subject
  • Printed on water proof material: it withstands coffee stains, etc.
  • Only available as a set of 5 booklets
  • Endorsed by PRINCE User GROUP NL
  • Ideal for training purposes

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