FLIGHT a Quantum Fiction Novel

Meridian House, 1995 - 397 pagina's
A writer notices astonishing coincidences between his novel and real life, and when an ethereal woman with amnesia who resembles his fictional heroine mysteriously appears, a cast of unforgettable characters is thrown into a romping who-is-it adventure of inner and outer dimensions.

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Over de auteur (1995)

American novelist Vanna Bonta is also a prize-winning poet. Bonta's ground breaking novel set in the Space Age coined the genre "quantum fiction." Expect themes infused with cosmic elements, romantic characters, poignant humanity, and quirky humor. Futuristic and romantic, Bonta captures the miraculous with science and extracts the warmth of universal human dreams out of cold reality in a signature poetic and untamed voice. The author has a sideline career of movie and TV epiphanies, and her voice is often heard on select films and television.

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